‘Boutique’ oppulance building leads a approach as Bethesda extends the civic boundaries

The 46 condominiums during Stonehall in Bethesda operation in cost from $549,900 to $2,499,900. (Benjamin C Tankersley/For The Washington Post)

The downtown Bethesda selling district in Montgomery County gets all a courtesy and path traffic, though it’s a northern finish of town, subsequent to a National Institutes of Health campus, that’s commencement to eke out a small some-more of a civic limelight.

Stonehall, an eight-story oppulance condominium building during Battery Lane and Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda, stands castle-like among adjacent streets with hunker blurb spaces and an out-of-date vibe. But from a top floor, windows cranes are manifest conflicting a sky, and there are blockwide mine pits earnest lots some-more new construction that will pull Bethesda’s bounds outward.

“Stonehall is a boutique condo since it’s not quite big,” pronounced Laura Henne, executive of sales during McWilliams Ballard, a organisation doing Stonehall sales. Forty-six units — trimming from one to 3 bedrooms and dual penthouses — and 18 building skeleton are offered. Forty-five percent, including one penthouse, are sold.

Leo and Marta Moersen pronounced they suspicion about downsizing for awhile before they found Stonehall. “We lived in a three-bedroom single-family in Bethesda for 26 years and are anticipating a composition to a many smaller two-bedroom condo to be sincerely easy,” Marta Moersen said.

The units are vast — many are around 1,500 retard feet. “We addressed a emanate of relocating out of a private residence by creation a bedrooms vast and display a models furnished with vast pieces. We trust we shouldn’t have to scapegoat your effects when we pierce here,” Henne said.

Bathroom windows: Practically all units have windows in a kitchen, and many have lavatory windows, a underline most unheard of in new condo construction. “Because a building is prolonged and narrow, we have windows in places that customarily don’t get them,” Henne said.

Duball BW, an associate of Duball, is a developer; Maurice Walters Architecture is a architect; and Hartman Design Group is a designer.

David Morens changed from a 5,400-square-foot single-family home a half-mile divided and is thrilled. “I consider of Bethesda as my town, and to me it’s like relocating down a street,” he said.

“Before we moved, we was meditative about holding caring of such a vast house. There’s always something going wrong. we was always mowing a lawn. we satisfied it was eating into my life and time. we thought, ‘This is crazy. Why don’t we spend my time doing what we wish to do?’ ”

The Moersens echoed a same sentiments. “Our weekends feel so many longer now that we have fewer chores. We use this freed-up time to pursue a hobbies,” Marta Moersen said.

The kitchen has a double island, immaculate steel appliances, a gas cooktop, Caesarstone quartz countertops and cabinetry with soft-close hinges. (Benjamin C Tankersley/For The Washington Post)

Plethora of storage: An entrance gymnasium leads into a home. Floor skeleton are mostly open-concept, though some units have a some-more defined kitchen, with space for a list and integrate chairs. There’s abounding drawer and cupboard storage, and islands are sized proportionately. Many terraces and balconies open by a potion doorway from a kitchen, so carrying drinks or plates outward is easy. “Kitchen roof fact designed around a channel work is a good touch,” Henne said, as are blind rod pockets built into a vital room ceiling.

The street-facing run is a gentle lounging mark with concierge desk, TV screen, black couches, bullion armchairs and coffee tables. There’s a clubroom, aptness center, ninth-floor roof patio with tables and chairs, and a 10th-floor roof patio only for seating.

Elevators open to a window-bright corridor and to a wall flashy with framed, lengthened travel maps of several cities. The charcoal-tiled building is equivalent with accent tiles temperament epitome designs.

Shopping: Harris Teeter is conflicting a street. Giant and Safeway, in downtown Bethesda, are a five-minute drive, as are dozens of shops and restaurants, and cinema, furnishings, automobile dealerships and blurb services. Bradley Shopping Center hosts Strosneiders Hardware, Breads Unlimited, Party Variety, and Bradley Food and Beverage. Big Wheel Bikes is conflicting a street.

Schools: Bethesda Elementary, Westland Middle, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High.

Transit: Stonehall is a brief travel to Medical Center Metro hire on a Red Line. One stop in a conflicting direction, toward a District, Bethesda Metro hire is 10 to 15 mins on foot. Wisconsin Avenue is a retard divided and, going north, feeds into a Beltway and Interstate 95 toward Baltimore. The giveaway Bethesda Circulator train stops on Woodmont Avenue and is footsteps from a front door. It travels in a wide-ranging looping track into downtown Bethesda.

The street-facing run is a gentle lounging mark with concierge desk, TV screen, black couches, bullion armchairs and coffee tables. (Benjamin C Tankersley/For The Washington Post)

8302 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda, Md.

There are 46 condominium units in a building, including dual penthouses, trimming in cost from $549,900 to $2,499,900.

Builder: Duball BW, an associate of Duball.

Features: Condos are reserved one parking space; those incomparable than 1,200 retard feet are reserved two. Most units have a walkout patio or terrace. The entrance corridor building is laid with engineer tiles; vital room and kitchen floors are reward hardwood. Kitchen appliances are Bosch immaculate steel; faucet fixtures are by Kohler; a cooktop is gas; counters are Caesarstone quartz; and cabinetry is operated by soft-close hinges. There are tradition floating vanities in a master bathrooms.

Bedrooms/bathrooms: 2 to 3 / 1 to 3

Square footage: 759 to 2,432

Condominium organisation fee: $525 to $1,720

View model: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Contact: Laura Henne during 301-327-4809 or revisit liveatstonehall.com .

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