Break adult with Apple: The Pixel 2 is a best iPhone upgrade


The Pixel 2 is a flourishing enticement from many stream iPhone users.

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Sometimes, we usually need a crony to remonstrate we that you’re right. Over a past weeks, I’ve had a few friends who are “lifelong” iPhone users summary me and ask about switching divided from Apple.

They wish to mangle their biannual iPhone ascent cycle and eschew a new iPhone X for a Google Pixel 2. One of my friends wrote me this:

“I’m unequivocally over Apple iPhones. I’m kind of into a Pixel 2, yet that’s usually on Verizon, right? we don’t like their total plans. we like a iPhone X, yet don’t wish it.”

After receiving a handful of matching messages, we motionless to take this Pixel pining severely and share my practice with both phones. This comparison is reduction about proof that phone is “better,” and some-more about given a Pixel 2 is a plain ascent for someone who’s always owned an iPhone.

So many cheaper

Let’s start with cost. A new 64GB Pixel 2 is $350, £370 or AU$500 cheaper than a 64GB iPhone X. The draft subsequent compares a prices for a Pixel 2 and iPhone X. The Pixel 2’s cost is accurately a same as what a bottom level-iPhone used to cost until a iPhone 8.

Pixel 2 and iPhone X prices

I should acknowledge that Google makes a incomparable chronicle of a phone with a same processor and camera called the Pixel 2 XL. A 64GB chronicle of a XL costs $849, £799 or AU$1,399. At launch a Pixel 2 XL suffered some shade issues which a Pixel 2 did not.

Apple also creates the iPhone 8 which has a same processor and wide-angle camera as a iPhone X. A 64GB iPhone 8 costs $699, £699, AU$1,079 that is some-more in-line with a cost of a Pixel 2.

But my iPhone friends weren’t meddlesome in a Pixel 2 XL or a iPhone 8. For them, it’s possibly a iPhone X or a Pixel 2.

Carrier support

There seems to be a small difficulty over that US networks support a Pixel 2. You can buy and financial an unbarred Pixel 2 from Google and use it on ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Google Project Fi. Some third-party retailers like Best Buy sell and financial unbarred Pixel 2 phones, too. And there’s always Verizon that sells a handset to use usually on Verizon.

The iPhone X can be bought and financed from Apple, third-party retailers and all vital carriers.

Notch vs. forehead

Both phones are scarcely matching in size. The iPhone X is a hair slimmer and smaller yet has a bigger arrangement — 5.8 inches compared to a Pixel 2’s 5 inches. The iPhone X is heftier, weighing 31 grams, 1.09 ounces some-more than a Pixel 2.


The pattern of a Pixel 2 is unchanging with a proceed phones have looked for a past 3 to 5 years. On a front, there’s a conspicuous forehead, chin and bezels. The corners are dull and there’s a behind fingerprint sensor. Despite this antiquated formula, a phone’s fit and finish make it demeanour contemporary — generally a small potion row on a behind that houses a camera.

I also adore a plastic-clad aluminum hardness of a Pixel 2’s reduce back. It’s calming and gentle to hold. we move this adult given we have an tacit stress holding a iPhone X. I’m so fearful of dropping it. In a CNET dump test, a iPhone X’s potion behind burst on a initial drop. But when we reason a Pixel 2, we don’t feel that same unease.


The iPhone X is fundamentally all potion with a immaculate steel rope that unequivocally ties a phone together. It looks like a column from a unconventional sci-fi film or a square of jewelry. The screen, aside from “the notch,” covers a front and is framed by a minute of bezels. The usually buttons on a phone are alongside a edges.

In lieu of a home button, Apple combined on-screen actions. During my initial few days with a phone, we found these new gestures frustrating, yet now they’re like second nature. Apple transposed a fingerprint sensor (previously built into a home button) with FaceID. The phone unlocks as shortly as we demeanour during a screen. It works like a attract for me, yet if we cruise you’ll skip unlocking your phone with a fingerprint, a Pixel 2 is a improved fit.

Speakers on both phones are decent and louder than a strange Pixel and a iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But conjunction phone offers a big abounding sound of, say, a Razer Phone.

Fast charging vs. headphones

The Pixel 2 comes with a quick horse that can supplement 7 hours of battery life after 15 mins of charging. The iPhone X supports quick charging, yet doesn’t come with a wire or wall horse you’ll need to make it work. You have to buy a USB-C to Lighting cable ($25, £25, AU$35) and a 29-watt charger ($49, £49, AU$69).

The iPhone X is able of wireless charging with a conductive charging pad (also not included). The Pixel 2 doesn’t support this, yet with that 15-minute top-off mentioned above, we don’t cruise you’ll skip it.

Below is what comes in a box for an iPhone X and Pixel 2:

What’s in a box

Neither phone has a headphone jack, yet both come with an adapter so we can still block in your connected headphones. The iPhone X also comes bundled with lightning-connected earbuds while a Pixel 2 doesn’t come with any. If we don’t have an aged span we can use, you’ll need to spend some-more money.

Apple also sells wireless earbuds called AirPods ($159, £159, AU$229), while Google offers a possess wireless headphones called Google Buds ($159, £159, AU$249).

So what’s a takeaway here? Whatever phone we go with, you’ll need to welcome dongle life. But…

Android Oreo is good

The biggest change we need to cruise is not a earthy phones themselves, yet how you’re going to switch handling systems — namely to Android. For seasoned iPhone owners, comparison versions of Android had a repute of being pell-mell and reduction secure. Early Android, depending on a phone, could be a dumpster glow full of bugs, belated updates and bloatware apps from carriers and manufacturers.


iOS 11 on a iPhone X has some new gestures in lieu of a home button.


But that has altered with Android Oreo. It runs usually as good on a Pixel 2 as iOS 11 does on a iPhone X.

You competence also skip Apple-centric facilities such as iMessage and FaceTime — generally if we have friends and family who use them heavily.

But other than withdrawal behind a blue bubbles, Android Oreo and iOS 11 are good matched in any proceed when it comes to features, confidence and palliate of use.

Since Google creates both a hardware and software, like Apple, a association is good about promulgation unchanging updates to Android.

iPhone X has Apple Pay and Siri, while a Pixel 2 has Android Pay and Google Assistant, a latter of that can run on an iPhone, too. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber the use is accessible on Android.

If we have a lot of apps or games we bought on iOS, you’ll need to repurchase them on Android. This isn’t as large a understanding as it was a few years ago given many apps are “free” with in-app purchases.

Switching from one to a other will fundamentally meant a small training curve. But Android Oreo will expected warn many iOS users with a fortitude and underline set. 

For some-more about switching from iOS to Android, check out our how-to essay with tips and tricks.

Google recently announced a first developer chronicle of Android P, a subsequent vital update. Apple will expected recover a initial developer chronicle of a subsequent iOS during a Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this June. 

The best cameras

The Pixel 2 has a singular behind camera compared to a dual-rear cameras on a iPhone X. Both phones are able of capturing illusory photos and videos. Yet, to my eye, the Pixel 2 takes improved photos than a iPhone X.

I cite how Pixel 2 cinema have some-more fact and sharpness interjection to the proceed it processes photos with AI. That doesn’t meant a iPhone X is a slouch. It’s improved during zoomed photos given a second camera has a telephoto lens and allows for 2X visual zoom. Zooming on a Pixel 2 isn’t always pretty, yet it’s improved than other digital zooms.


Both phones have Portrait Mode, that gives cinema an synthetic shoal abyss of margin mimicking photos taken with a DSLR camera and a quick lens.

The iPhone X creates this outcome better. Portraits have a light transition between a theme and a credentials that looks some-more like a DSLR portrait. Apple also lets we adjust lighting effects after a fact to make a mural print unequivocally pop.

The Pixel 2 separates a credentials and forehead with a laser-like precision. This can infrequently demeanour a bit synthetic or Photoshop-ish. But there is something thespian about a results, too.

Also, a iPhone X takes extraordinary Portrait Mode photos of fish.

The front-facing camera on any phone also has Portrait Mode, too. Here, a Pixel 2 bests what a iPhone X can furnish in any way. Pixel 2 selfie portraits are usually as good as what a behind camera can produce. iPhone X selfie portraits unfortunately don’t always spike a “background blur” effect.

As for video, a iPhone X is a king, and offers improved picture peculiarity and some-more sharpened options. On a other hand, a Pixel 2’s video stabilization is a best around.

Longer battery vs. faster processor

The iPhone X’s A11 chip blows divided a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor in a Pixel 2. In tangible use though, it’s tough to tell a difference. Neither phone feels slower than a other.

Pixel 2 and iPhone X speed tests

In a looped video battery tests, a Pixel 2 lasted 13 hours and 28 compared to a iPhone X durability usually 11 hours and 45 minutes. That’s not a outrageous difference. In genuine life, we never had difficulty with possibly phone removing by a full day of use yet charging.

The extras

The Pixel 2 comes with a connector to send media and files from your aged iPhone to your new Google phone. Also if we run out of space for your photos and videos, know that we get total Google cloud storage with your squeeze of a Pixel 2.


iOS 11’s animojis emanate a “cartoon” face that can impersonate your facial gestures while recording your voice.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The phone can also be used with a DayDream View headset ($149, £99, AU$149). The headset is lonesome in cloth and has a small Black Mirror-style remote. You can entrance VR calm from YouTube, Netflix, the New York Times (my favorite) and more. Though it’s fun to use, we finished adult regulating a DayDream View as many as my delayed cooker — a lot for a initial few weeks, yet frequency during all ever since.

Lastly, a Pixel 2 supports ARCore apps and facilities Google Lens program that can conceal information about a universe around we regulating a camera and Photos app.

The iPhone supports iOS AR apps and has FaceID, that allows for animoji messages. Other than that though, it’s flattering meagre on integrating with AR and VR platforms.

AppleCare for a iPhone X costs $200 and provides coverage for 2 years from date of squeeze from any kind of damage. Google’s “Preferred Care” costs $129, yet lacks a preference an tangible Apple Store provides. While there isn’t a Google Store with a Google Genius Bar for quick correct turnarounds, there is a round-the-clock live patron support complement in place, that Pixel users can entrance in Settings.

Other phones exist, but…

iPhone 8

Even yet my friends are ripped between a Pixel 2 and an iPhone X, it’s value acknowledging that an iPhone 8 and Pixel 2 are a improved match-up in regards to cost and design. The iPhone 8 has a discriminating take on a same reiterative pattern used by a iPhone 7, 6S and 6.

The bulb of a iPhone 8 are flattering many matching to those of a iPhone X. In a battery tests, a iPhone 8 lasted an hour longer than a iPhone X when personification a looped-video during half brightness. Both phones have a same wide-angle camera, yet a iPhone X also has a second behind camera and FaceID.

Pixel 2 XL

The Pixel 2 XL has a incomparable shade during 6 inches compared to a Pixel 2’s 5-inch display. The bezels on a 2 XL are particularly thinner, giving it a some-more complicated demeanour and feel than a small hermit a Pixel 2. On a inside, all is a same a solely a battery. The 2 XL has a 3,520-mAh battery while a Pixel 2 has a smaller 2,700-mAh one.

Galaxy S9

It’s also value indicating out that Samsung newest phones, a Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, are now out. Both phones have a variable-aperture camera promising crook images with bland use. But a Pixel 2 still shot improved photos in rough tests. CNET has extensive coverage of a new phones, yet nothing of my iPhone-owning friends who wanted a Pixel 2 were meddlesome in it.

The Pixel 2 and a batch chronicle of Android have a elementary and purify mojo that appeals to an iPhone user some-more than Samsung’s “add everything” approach. 

6 months away

Keep in mind we’re during a median indicate between Apple and Google’s final phone launches and their subsequent ones. Apple typically releases a new iPhone in Sep while Google has launched both of generations of a Pixel in October. But 6 months can be a prolonged wait to ascent your phone. Ultimately this comes down to you.

Best Android phone for iPhone lovers

The Pixel 2 is a many iPhone-like phone I’ve seen on Android. It’s a plain choice for someone used to vital a Apple life. Upgrading to a Pixel 2 means that you’ll save money, get a best phone camera for photos and have a device that doesn’t indispensable to be coddled. Plus, Android Oreo packs a turn of fit and finish that would certainly warn a many righteous iOS user.

Once we confirm to switch, all we need to do that tone Pixel 2 we want.

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