Business Notes: Nuclear Plant Services Company Consolidating in …

Plus: Audi Bethesda rolls out bike loaner program; new medical business opens in Rockville

A digest of a 4747 Bethesda Ave. building

A digest of a 4747 Bethesda Ave. building

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Nuclear plant services association to connect internal offices in Bethesda

Orano USA, a record and services provider that’s a auxiliary of a tellurian chief fuel cycle association Orano, announced Monday it would connect a D.C. and Vienna, Virginia, offices during a new JBG Smith building underneath construction during 4747 Bethesda Ave. subsequent to Bethesda Row. Orano USA employs about 600 employees opposite a U.S.

The association will occupy about 22,000 block feet on a 10th building of a building. Orano joins other tenants who have already announced skeleton to pierce into a 281,000-square-foot bureau tower. JBG Smith skeleton to use a building as a headquarters, and Host Hotels Resorts as good as a consulting association Booz Allen Hamilton have rented space.

Orano USA specializes in decommissioning chief appetite comforts that have been close down.

“Orano is a heading tellurian association in their margin and they paint a form of best-in-class organizations we sought to attract when we embarked on a growth of a building,” David Ritchey, executive clamp boss of JBG Smith, pronounced in a statement.


Audi Bethesda rolls out bike loaner program

Audi bikes that are partial of a loaner program, around Audi Bethesda on Facebook

Forget a loaner car, take a loaner bike. That’s a thought behind Audi Bethesda’s new module that enables a dealership’s business whose cars are being serviced to use a dealership-provided bike. The Woodmont Avenue business is about 1,000 feet from a Capital Crescent Trail and business can float an Audi bike along a bike trail or to their homes in a area, according to a business. The dealership pronounced on a Facebook page this month that it’s a initial Audi play in a area to deliver a Audi bicycle loaner program.


The Lice Crew opens in Rockville

The Lice Crew, a Canadian medical business that specializes in providing lice screenings, treatment, impediment and education, recently non-stop a new plcae in a sell core during 1010 Rockville Pike. The Rockville core offers same-day use as good as in-home mobile appointments to provide children or others who agreement a bugs. The plcae is a company’s second in Maryland.  

The business charges $25 for a screening and $100 per hour for dismissal diagnosis in a clinic, while in-home services cost $90 for a initial hour, according to a website.

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