Cable TV vs. Streaming TV: Are YouTube TV, DirecTV Now and Sling TV unequivocally a improved deal?

Mike Timmermann

Updated: Apr 5, 2018 – 6:00 AM

If you’re profitable some-more than $100 per month for normal wire or satellite TV — which is about a inhabitant average — income consultant Clark Howard has speedy we to cruise live TV streaming services that start around $40 per month.

Team Clark hears from people who’ve done a switch and adore it, though others aren’t certain streaming services are a improved deal.

The law is that both TV services have their pros and cons. Cable TV is some-more costly than streaming services like YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV and PlayStation Vue — though we generally get some-more channels with cable.

In addition, streaming services need a high-speed internet connection, that isn’t required for wire subscribers.

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Need a small assistance to arrange it all out? We did a best to put together this comparison draft that shows a pivotal differences between a typical wire TV package and a typical streaming TV package.

Use this as a apparatus to assistance we confirm either wire or streaming will be a best fit for your household:

Typical wire TV package 

Typical streaming TV package 

Monthly cost

Number of channels

Cable box or apparatus fees

Streaming device

Internet connection
Not required

Free DVR

Premium networks (HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME)
Extra monthly fee
Extra monthly fee

Watch anywhere from phone, mechanism or TV
Less flexibility
Greater flexibility

Contract or termination fees
Generally no

Broadcast TV and sports fees

Free hearing period

More details 

Finding an affordable streaming use with a channel lineup that meets your wants and needs might be a biggest challenge.

The heading live TV streaming services still don’t let we collect and select a channels we want, though many of them embody renouned networks like ESPN, Disney, HGTV, Bravo, CNN, Fox Sports 1, TBS, TNT and USA.

Here’s a accessible draft that lists a channel lineups with any provider!

If you’re means to contend goodbye to that $100 wire TV check and pointer adult with a $40 per month streaming service, you’ll save $720 in only one year.

Team Clark has been contrast several live TV streaming services over a past few months. Some of a pivotal differences are price, channel lineup, DVR, upheld inclination and a ability to watch mixed streams during once.

Read about Clark’s favorite and review your options in a beam to the 
best live TV streaming skeleton and deals in 2018!

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