Calling it: The Galaxy Note 9 won’t sell as good as a Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is a world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and a Samsung Galaxy S array is a many successful Android smartphone brand.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are staid to be a best-selling Android smartphones of a year, and critics (including here during Android Authority) adore a devices. However, even with these extraordinary statistics behind Samsung, there’s no doubt that 2018 has been a weaker year for a company.

Even with a recognition of a Samsung Galaxy S9, sales so distant are reduce than for a Samsung Galaxy S8 – and a sales for that device were lower than sales for a Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung even certified in a new gain report that it intentionally pushed adult a recover date of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to recompense for this issue.

Galaxy S9 not offered as good as Galaxy S8, that didn’t sell as good as a S7

To supplement insult to injury, Samsung mislaid some of a tip spots this year, many particularly to Xiaomi in India and even recently to young pretender OnePlus in a same country.

With all that in mind, one thing becomes ideally clear: Samsung is betting large on a Galaxy Note 9, and a success (or miss thereof) will have a surpassing outcome on Samsung’s destiny smartphone strategy.

Now that we know all there is to know about a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I’m going to go forward and make a prediction: a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn’t going to be sales strike that Samsung is banking on.

More of a same

The arch critique in a otherwise-stellar reviews of a Samsung Galaxy S9 is that it is a practical counterpart of a Galaxy S8. Samsung upgraded a processor to a latest-and-greatest Snapdragon 845, beefed adult a cameras, and combined some useless-but-fun AR Emoji. But these updates were frequency adequate reasons for users to upgrade, that is reflected by a diseased sales.

Why do Samsung’s AR Emoji siphon compared to Apple’s Animoji?

The Galaxy S9’s many important change over a S8 is that Samsung changed a behind fingerprint sensor to be subsequent a camera rather than to a side, that is a acquire change. But honestly, that’s usually Samsung regulating a mistake it formerly made, not adding a new feature.

Look, I’m not perplexing to hit a Galaxy S9 down – it’s a unusual phone. But it’s most some-more like a Samsung Galaxy S8.1 than it is a full burst to a new indication number.

Now, with a launch of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we have a same problem: a Note 9 is unequivocally a Note 8.1. It has impossibly matching specs with a few unsexy upgrades, a fingerprint sensor has been moved, and a S Pen got some new functionality. Overall though, there’s no X factor.

Follow along with me here: Samsung is carrying a bad 2018 and a vital partial of that is a comparatively low sales of a S9, that was usually an S8.1. Now Samsung is going to repeat a same plan for a Note line – and what does it expect? Different results?

The Note 9 vs a Note 8

Here’s a corresponding comparison of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specs and a Note 8 specs from final year:

I don’t know about you, though we don’t see a whole lot of differences there. The battery, chipset, and storage upgrades are positively nice but if we were to usually demeanour during a inclination you’d consider they were identical.

Yes, Samsung gave us some upgrades that aren’t usually specs. The S Pen’s new Bluetooth functionality is unequivocally cool, and a new tricks it can do creates a Note 9 a powerhouse, generally for business people who give lots of presentations and take a lot of notes.

But for a normal smartphone consumer, a Note 9 isn’t anything they haven’t seen before. In fact, a final time they saw it was this year in Mar when Samsung launched a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, that is flattering most a Note 9 that’s a small smaller and though a stylus. And a normal consumer also saw a matching device with a Galaxy Note 8, that is strictly a year old.


I theory there was one other important change: a price. The Galaxy Note 9 bottom indication — with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage — costs $1,000. The upgraded chronicle with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage is a whopping $1,250. That is hundreds of dollars some-more than a Note 8, that launched with one chronicle during $930.

So not usually is Samsung charity small in a approach of upgrades to a device, it’s seeking for some-more money. The normal consumer will balk.

The normal consumer isn’t me

The Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t disturb me during all, though I’m a record publisher essay for a website that exclusively focuses on Android. For a bulk of my waking hours any day, we am reading about Android, observation videos about Android, essay about Android, and regulating my Android phone.

With that in mind, it creates clarity that there’s zero that truly thrills me about a Galaxy Note 9, as we am not a aim assembly for a device. The aim assembly — during slightest as distant as we can tell — is rich business people who wish an ultra-premium smartphone knowledge for their day-to-day business lives. That’s not me.

I competence now be a partial of a aim assembly for this phone, though partial of my pursuit is meaningful a bit about a aim audience.

But usually since I’m not a aim assembly doesn’t meant we can’t envision how consumers will conflict to a given underline of a smartphone. And a law is that we don’t see anything in a Galaxy Note 9 that would make a normal smartphone consumer perk adult with seductiveness and say, “Now that’s cool, and I’ve gotta have that,” and afterwards spend over $1,000 on it.

Even Samsung’s marketing element heading adult to a launch of a Note 9 focused on general things like prolonged battery life, additional storage, quick speeds, etc. It’s a bad pointer when even Samsung’s selling group can’t consider of a approach to truly compute a Note 9 from any other phone on a marketplace (even a own).

2019 is going to be Samsung’s year

Writing this essay out creates me worry that people are going to come divided meditative we hatred Samsung. we don’t. If someone handed me a Galaxy Note 9, I’d be so happy and would substantially use it as my daily driver. It’s a beautiful phone with torpedo specs and a flagship standing means Sammy will support it for a prolonged while.

Regardless, 2018 is moulding adult to be a diseased year for Samsung due to a miss of creation and a seared releases that all miss that “wow” factor. The Galaxy Note 9 — I’m presaging — will destroy to sell as most as a Note 8 and won’t be a bonus Samsung hopes for.

But I’m going to also make another prediction: 2019 is going to be a year that Samsung gets a slit back.

This year is going to be a hiccup in Samsung’s history, and 2019 is going to be a return-to-form for a brand.

This year, smaller companies like Oppo and Vivo expelled innovative, honestly sparkling products with in-display fingerprint sensors, pop-up selfie cams, and truly all-screen displays. But a products all feel half-baked and a inclination any miss that certain je ne sais crois that usually a association like Samsung can truly develop.

Now that Oppo and Vivo (and others) have paved a way, Samsung can adopt those technologies and emanate some truly extraordinary smartphones. That means a Galaxy S10 and/or a Galaxy Note 10 are going to be game-changers for a industry, and Samsung will be behind on top.

Vivo Nex review: Frustratingly imperfect, certainly fascinating (Update: Video added)

Some of we competence say, “Well because will anyone caring subsequent year if this record is already out there right now?” Once again, we have to remember a normal consumer. The normal smartphone customer isn’t visiting sites like Android Authority and drooling over a Vivo Nex and wondering when they can get their hands on it. The normal consumer in America doesn’t even know Vivo (let alone a Vivo Nex) exists!

Next year, a facilities we’re saying on innovative products right now will still be all-new to a normal chairman when Samsung starts incorporating them into a devices. That’s when people will once again demeanour during a new Samsung device and say, “Now that’s cool, and I’ve gotta have that.”

I’ll check behind with this essay subsequent year and see if my predictions reason up.

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