Camera Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Google Pixel 2

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have non-stop a floodgates for arriving flagship phones in 2018. The phones are not usually among a many absolute handsets in a market, though also a tip phones to cruise alongside a likes of a iPhone X and Pixel 2.

Although a Galaxy S8/S8 Plus had considerable cameras, they could not compare adult to a peculiarity that Google offers with their phones. To make adult for that, Samsung has extended a cameras this time with a non-static orifice technology. 

Things got some-more engaging when DXoMark rated a Galaxy S9 over a Pixel 2 with a total (still and video) measure of 99. When this happened, we were fervent to exam it ourselves and find out if it is true.

What’s in a camera?

Samsung brings dual 12MP sensors to a diversion this time, where a delegate lens provides visual wizz and blurring effects. The primary camera this year is a switchable orifice that moves between f/2.4 or f/1.5. The orifice changes automatically when required, though we can also control it manually. 

The Pixel 2 follows a some-more normal proceed with a singular 12MP sensor, though as many of us know, Google has proven that it doesn’t unequivocally need dual sensors. Google equally relies on both hardware and program to furnish loyal to life shots.

Natural light

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right)

When sharpened in daylight, a Pixel 2 valid to be improved than a Galaxy S9 Plus here. It offers improved energetic range, pointy and minute subjects (the building) and tighten to source colours (sky in this case). In terms of prominence and sharpness, both a phones are comparison though a Samsung offsets white change in this image, adding a warmer hue.

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

We shot this design in underneath splendid object again. In this scene, a Pixel 2 reproduced improved colours and details, identical to a design above. The Galaxy S9 Plus has malleable a shadows and morphed a colours of a buildings to a lighter tinge of brown.

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

When zoomed in, we found that a design from a Pixel 2 had manifest grains, since a one from a S9 Plus was blank of noise. This is since Samsung’s camera program does assertive sound reduction, that cooking details. That is because a design from Pixel 2 has improved details.

Pixel 2 (Left) vs Galaxy S9 Plus (Right)

The pinkish flower here was clicked in rather spacious conditions creation it formidable to concentration on a subject. While Samsung was quicker to close concentration on a subject, a Pixel 2 did a improved pursuit of removing a sum right. The theme looks pointy and a credentials blurring is also improved on a Pixel 2. The Galaxy S9 Plus creates a colourful image, though also loses sum and definition.

It’s not that Pixel 2 doesn’t revoke sound regulating software, though Samsung’s algorithms are really assertive and concede other elements.

Artificial light

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

This was shot underneath white indoor light. As it can be seen in a samples, a Galaxy S9 Plus has unsuccessful to review a light and design has a yellow stain all over it. The Pixel 2 has prisoner tawny colour of a wall some-more accurately. 

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

This was shot in well-lit fluorescent light, and a formula were utterly considerable from both. There’s frequency anything to decider in terms of sum and sharpness, though a colour of a leaves and a pot shows a difference. The Pixel 2 captures colours that are some-more realistic, and a S9 Plus saturates it a bit more. It will be astray to contend that a S9 Plus is defective here, as a lot of users like carrying punchy colours in photos, and thankfully it’s not trite in this case. 

Also, we competence notice that a Pixel 2 captures some-more depth, giving a DSLR like feel to a picture.

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right)

We took this design underneath illuminated lighting with a theme placed underneath a shadow. The formula are utterly identical in this box as well. Both a phones are good during maintaining colours and a sum are also alike. The usually area where a Pixel 2 beats a S9 Plus is in capturing a credentials detail. The pot in a credentials is good tangible on a Pixel 2, since a Galaxy S9 Plus is incompetent to constraint a figure on a pot clearly.

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

The Pixel 2 has reproduced darker colours and a S9 Plus once again reproduced a rather oversaturated picture. If we demeanour during a lights on a tip left of a corridor, a S9 Plus blows them out, since a Pixel 2 judges a stage better. 

Low light

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) Pixel 2 (Right) 

In this low light shot, it is clearly manifest that a Pixel 2 has a warmer paint and a design from a S9 Plus is cooler. Check a design next to see a tangible disproportion between a two. 

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

First off, looking during car’s physique confirms a Pixel 2 captures deeper blacks. Second, a haze flare in a design shot from S9 Plus looks faded and sum aren’t as good tangible as Pixel 2. 

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) vs Pixel 2 (Right) 

In this low light photo, a sum are clearly cleared out on a Galaxy S9 Plus. The S9 Plus has confused out a bricks on a wall, since a Pixel 2 produces improved clarification there. Also, a highway has been smoothened by a Galaxy S9 Plus.

Galaxy S9 Plus (Left) Pixel 2 (Right) 

The colour of a sky looks most deeper on a Pixel 2. However, in this photo, Samsung’s sound rebate algorithms and wider orifice do furnish a brighter and rather some-more cultured photo.

Camera speed

Both a phones are discerning to focus, though a Galaxy S9 Plus focused faster a few times. It also processed images quicker than a Pixel 2.


The Galaxy S9 Plus takes good shots in low light, and it has a good camera in general. But, a comparison proves that a Google Pixel 2 still sports a best camera on a market, producing most improved sum and colours. The Galaxy S9 Plus cleared out images during times, and is a defective camera here.

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