Can a slew of high-tech new facilities save a HomePod from extinction?

Apple’s HomePod: It has good sound, lets we pronounce to Siri from conflicting a room, and if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, it competence only be your best friend. It’s also lagging so distant behind a rest of a intelligent orator market, that it competence finish adult on a rabble store if Apple can’t spin a sales numbers around. But what if Apple flushed a destiny chronicle of a HomePod with facilities like 3D-gesture recognition, FaceID, and mood-sensing emoji? Might that spin HomePod’s scowl upside down?

A recently detected Apple patent focus for an “electronic device with sensors and arrangement devices,” suggests that Apple is positively about to give it a shot. This obvious doesn’t name a HomePod per se, yet one demeanour during a concomitant drawings and it’s tough to trust a cylindrical device in that a “speaker competence be mounted” could be anything else.

The wide-ranging request describes several facilities of this fanciful device including:

  • Two areas underneath a aspect of a extraneous fabric that are versed with displays able of arrangement calm and “sufficient fortitude to uncover images.” These displays could be powered by OLED panels, with adult to 1 million pixels. The obvious even creates it transparent that a fabric outdoor covering would double as a touch-sensitive layer.
  • These same displays would be able of reading ambient light sources — anything from existent room lighting to a calm being displayed on a circuitously TV — and responding in kind, with relating colors and brightness.
  • Cameras located on a sides of a device could brand conflicting people and activities in a room and offer apart reactions for each, radically creation it a double-sided display.
  • In further to displaying calm messages on a tip apportionment of a arrangement (e.g. as visible feedback to a voice command), a reduce arrangement could uncover an “animated assistant” — possibly realistic or a animation avatar. We’re meditative that Siri competence finish adult with Animoji abilities borrowed from a iPhone.
  • Proximity showing — it would know how tighten we are by a cameras or other onboard sensors, or even by picking adult on Bluetooth signals from an Apple Watch.
  • Voice analysis: Algorithms would collect adult on signs of stress, or unhappiness when we pronounce a voice command, a device would respond with colors or emoji-based avatars dictated to empathetically simulate your mood, or uncover we conflicting tension avatars as a approach of counteracting your state of mind.
  • A sensor located on a tip aspect that can collect adult palm gestures.

In short, it sounds as yet Apple isn’t meddlesome in following Amazon, Google, and even Facebook into a multi-device star where intelligent speakers, intelligent displays, and other synthetic intelligence-based gadgets all contest for your attention. The subsequent HomePod could be a super-device, mixing all of these facilities and some-more into a singular product. If this happens, it could change a diversion for intelligent homes. On a other hand, if it ends adult being even some-more costly than a stream HomePod, Apple could simply have an even bigger sales problem on a hands.

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