Can Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear chip breathe life into Wear …

Snapdragon’s been articulate adult a new wearable chip design given Google I/O behind in May. The member hulk finally took a wraps off a product during an eventuality progressing now in San Francisco.

As one imagines from a I/O partnership, Wear 3100 has Google’s smartwatch handling complement resolutely in a sites. And not a impulse too soon, really. In annoy of a handful of updates, Wear OS has felt flattering low for some time. Not even a rebrand from Android Wear could assistance shake lax a cobwebs.

The new design replaces a 2100. Qualcomm’s chips are now shipping in some-more than 100 opposite Wear OS watches by 25 opposite brands, according to a company. Honestly, I’m mostly astounded to hear that Wear OS inclination have strike a triple digits. After all, difficulty leaders like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung have all opted to deposit in their possess program ecosystem, rather than embracing Google.

Interestingly, a initial 3 partners for a new chip are oppulance watch makers, rather than tech companies like LG or Huawei. Fossil Group, Louis Vuitton and Montblanc have all sealed adult to use a tech, maybe imprinting a viewed approach brazen for a handling system. A Pixel Watch rising during Google’s tumble eventuality also seems like a really expected possibility, given a timing of a news.

Extended battery life is a categorical thing here — that, after all, has prolonged been a scandal of smartwatch makers. The new chip also brings new modes, embody a “Traditional Watch Mode” to cut down on battery use and a “Rich Interactive Mode” for a some-more strong experience.

The new chip starts shipping for mass prolongation today.

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