Can we tide Spotify from your HomePod?

Wait! What are we articulate about?

Don’t check out on me only yet, let me explain. As we said, we can’t tide Spotify, TIDAL, or any other song use directly from a HomePod though we can totally tide to a HomePod around AirPlay. So, while we won’t be means to ask a intelligent orator to start your song or ask specific tunes from DJ Siri, we can start personification song from your phone, bond by AirPlay, and still have Siri perform simple play/pause/skip functions with your voice.

All we have to do is make certain a Apple device you’re personification from is connected to a same Wi-Fi network as your HomePod, make certain a Bluetooth is on, launch your elite streaming service, in this case, it’s Spotify, and start personification your favorite track. Once a lane is playing, we can afterwards name your HomePod orator from a “Devices Available” list in a app. If we were already personification song from Spotify, we can simply slip adult to entrance your Control Center, open a song widget, daub a AirPlay idol in a top right dilemma of a widget, and afterwards name your HomePod.

Sure, it takes a few additional stairs though if we adore your HomePod and you’re committed to remaining in a Apple ecosystem, it shouldn’t be too most of an composition for you.

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