Carol Sabbar: It’s time to ascent Google Drive

Last September, we got a news that Google Drive would shortly be “going away.”

There was a satisfactory volume of panic and concern, though a news behind afterwards wasn’t as bad as it sounded.

The renouned cloud-based storage use wasn’t and still isn’t unequivocally going away, though it was and is changing.

The deadline for Google Drive to “stop working” was given as Mar 12, so a integrate of weeks ago people started removing pop-ups call them to upgrade. If we are a Google Drive user and we have gotten those pop-ups, it’s time to upgrade.

The good news is that a ascent is super painless. Just click a Install symbol and follow a process. All of your essence will stay intact, and we will be upgraded to a latest version.

For a good reason of what a ascent is about, google “Google expostulate going away” and demeanour for a couple from (–the-google-drive-app-is-going-away–but–there-s-a-replacem) Here are a highlights:

The ascent routine will automatically detect if we are a Google Apps (for education, business, etc.) craving user or a personal Google user. Google Apps users will be upgraded to Drive File Stream, and personal users will be upgraded to Google Backup and Sync.

The ascent usually affects people who use a customer on their computers. It does not impact a web-based Google Drive (Docs) or a apps that run on mobile inclination like tablets and smartphones.

Each of these dual products has some changes and provides additional capabilities for:

File Stream now provides synchronization of Team Drives and has upgraded bandwidth and storage.

How we find File Stream is now different: Mac users will find it in Finder underneath Devices. Windows users can find their files as a mounted expostulate in My Computer.

Backup and Sync now backs adult your photos as good rather than wanting Google Photos in further to Drive.

Both exist for Mac and Windows.

If we are not nonetheless a user of Google Drive on your internal devices, we should be. It works really most like Dropbox in permitting we to behind adult comparison folders from your mechanism to a cloud and sync that information opposite mixed computers.

You can learn some-more and download a new app from

If we implement a Google Drive app (whichever one is suitable for you) on mixed computers, it will automatically behind adult your files to a cloud and also sync them between your computers, permitting we to share papers between devices. It’s a good system.

If we do hunt online for information about this upgrade, make certain we are reading new articles from 2018 rather than articles from 2017, as some of a information altered given a initial announcements.

Finally, be certain to demeanour delicately during this or any other pop-ups we get call we to upgrade. Look during a picture of a genuine pop-up in a Linkedin essay above. If your pop-up doesn’t demeanour like that, be careful. And always beware of pop-ups that news errors or wish we to implement something.

Carol Sabbar is a executive of mechanism services during Carthage College. Send email to

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