Cause of lethal Bethesda residence glow still a poser as endangered neighbors find answers

Posted: Sep 19 2017 11:40PM EDT

Video Posted: Sep 19 2017 11:25PM EDT

Updated: Sep 19 2017 11:48PM EDT


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Questions sojourn about lethal Bethesda residence fire

  • Fatal glow in Bethesda, MD

  • – The means and plant of a lethal residence glow in Bethesda sojourn a poser and neighbors contend they wish answers.

    More than a week after a glow on Danbury Road, Montgomery County military are still stationed around a time during a burnt out home and a sealed embankment secures a skill during night. Police contend they wish to safety justification in box this becomes a rapist case.

    Investigators contend one male was found passed in a groundwork of a home. A second man, a 26-year-old vital in a house, escaped. The resident’s tie to a plant is unclear.

    On Tuesday, Montgomery County military contend a state medical examiner’s bureau still had not been finished a autopsy on a victim. Investigators contend they have an thought who he is, though wish to be sure.

    Fire investigators contend they found hoarding conditions inside a home, and according to sources, a fort with tunnels was detected next a house.

    Montgomery County Fire and Rescue says a means of a glow is still undetermined, and a group is watchful for a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to investigate electrical apparatus from a inside a home.

    Neighbors told FOX 5 that a group of investigators is in and out of a home during a day.

    “Obviously, a large question, what happened? From all a scuttlebutt, it only sounds kind of suspicious,” pronounced neighbor Adam Tamashasky.

    FOX 5 spoke to mixed neighbors who pronounced they are astounded no decisive sum about what happened have been suggested after 9 days.

    “The things that have come out about a condition of a house, a fort underneath only goes to uncover we are never utterly certain who is vital around,” Tamashasky said.

    Police contend a male who lived in a home has been cooperative.

    FOX 5 has not been successful removing in hold with him. Neighbors contend he lived alone and hereditary a residence from his parents.

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