Check Out This ‘Nincade’ Upgrade Kit For Famicom Mini and NES Classic Edition

It’s not even been a year though a NES Classic Edition and it Japanese equivalent, a Classic Mini Family Computer, have been on utterly a furious ride. From a warn announcement out of a blue, to being sole out from day one, to being tough to find after launch, fast several hacks and exploits, to a surprisingly quick retirement, a tiny boxes of nostalgia usually keep creation headlines. 

Time for one more. A new ascent pack has been announced that lets we use a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, DualShock 4, iCade and other controllers on your Famicom Mini, or NES Classic Edition. While there have been wireless options accessible for a NES Classic for some time now, some improved than others, this choice is a permanent hardware ascent that competence boost a value of a Mini even further.

The news is even improved for Famicom Mini owners, like me. There has been no other choice so distant solely to use a shrunken-down, henceforth trustworthy controllers hardwired to a unit. Though we did see a Famicom Mini for sale in a furious about 3 times in Japan, other than a invalid though cold looking Famicom Mini Disk Box and some lift cases, no controller or other marginal options were available. But now there is an choice for us!

Brook Accessory, from Taiwan, has grown a square of pack called Nincade. It’s fundamentally a tiny bluetooth receiver that we implement in your Mini (NES or FC) that can afterwards span with most any controller, including those for a Wii. Installation does need we to open we Famicom (or NES) Mini, as apparently there are no ports available. There are usually a few stairs to follow: Open a machine, detach a controller cables, insert a Nincade to a Mini and tighten ‘er up. The coolest partial is that to span a controller we have to enter a Konami code! If we don’t know it by now, there’s no assisting you. 

If we wish to supplement a permanent wireless underline to we Mini, presumably augmenting a value, and finally get a best controller choice for you, it competence be value checking out. It costs $30USD and is accessible now – we give a Nincade a exam drive, as good as a walkthrough of a designation routine in a video below. Check it out to see a Famicom Mini do tricks it was never meant to.

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