Check your inbox to see if we perceived an entice to Google I/O 2018

Registration for Google I/O 2018 competence be closed, though if we got your name in a shawl in time, Google started notifying raffle winners this morning.

If we were comparison to attend Google’s yearly developer conference, check your inbox for an email identical to a one posted below. Spotted by Android Police, The email states that your credit label was charged and provides a couple to perspective your I/O form and see your sheet details.

There competence be another call of tickets, so do not tatter if we did not accept an email. Also, folks competence cancel due to a high cost of a ubiquitous acknowledgment ticket, so there is still hope.

Android Police

As in prior years, I/O uses a raffle system. Google picks folks during random, so only since we purebred for Google’s developer discussion does not meant we are guaranteed a ticket.

For 2018, ubiquitous acknowledgment and educational tickets go for $1,150 and $375, respectively. Interestingly, there is a new “Community partners” tier during $750 that was not publicly manifest during a registration process. The new tier was expected indifferent for pre-selected attendees.

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Google I/O 2018 is an outside event that goes from May 8 by May 10 during a Shoreline Amphitheatre. Normally a unison venue, a Shoreline Amphitheatre will demeanour zero like it does now and underline vast tents with demo stations and more.

Android Authority will be during Google I/O 2018 to move we a latest news from a hunt giant’s developer conference.


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