Chime in: Is a Pixel 2 a best Android phone for Windows mobile converts?

Pixel 2

If you’re creation a burst to Google, should we go all a approach Google?

Phones are still a prohibited subject in a Windows Central forums, not slightest given a time has come for many of a village to consider about life after Windows 10 Mobile.

That’s where we’re focusing today, with one such member meditative about either a Pixel 2 is a best Android phone to go for.




I’m now regulating a 950 and have been regulating a Windows phone given a 1020. I’m begrudgingly looking to pierce to Android in a rather nearby destiny and have been researching/window shopping. we don’t know how other people feel, though we find it really frustrating and cumbersome! So many phones with opposite specs, versions of Android, several manufacturer skins, and phones full of bloatware.


Our possess Senior Editor, Zac Bowden, thinks a OnePlus 5T is a best choice and outlines a good box for it in his review. And that’s fine, one of a best things about relocating to Android over iPhone is a choice on offer. It’s like an all we can eat buffet.

I’m regulating a Pixel 2 privately and I’d be happy to suggest a new Windows modify picks one up. If you’re going Google, there’s a clever box to go all a approach Google. You’ll get a latest program updates first, a guaranteed 3 years of them, too, as good as being initial out of a embankment with a monthly Android confidence patches. Others, like OnePlus, do good software, though usually with a Pixel do we get it true from Google.

The Pixel 2 also has substantially a best smartphone camera around right now. That’s not my word, it’s flattering good supposed opposite a tech community, and cameras are mostly super critical to folks withdrawal Lumia in particular.

But we’re not looking for what Zac or myself have to say, we’re looking for new translates out there in a village to burst in and share their thoughts and experiences.

From a forum: Pixel 2 or something else?

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