Chrome OS 73 adds Google Drive offline sync, audio concentration for Android apps, and more

Chrome 73 was expelled earlier this month, and following a common two-week delay, a Chrome handling complement has been updated to match. Chrome OS 73 isn’t as estimable as the prior Chrome OS update, though there are still a few good additions.

Google Drive offline sync

Since Chromebooks have been built from a belligerent adult as always-online machines, simple offline facilities from other handling systems weren’t high adult on a list of priorities. Chrome OS 73 finally adds a ability to symbol folders in Google Drive for offline access, as we formerly covered.

Folders noted for offline entrance will sync to your Chromebook’s internal storage, only like a Drive desktop customer on Windows and Mac. To try it out, right-click any Drive folder in a File Manager and name ‘Available offline.’

Android app audio focus

Android applications on Chrome OS will always be janky, though now they’ll be somewhat reduction so. On Chromebooks using Android 9.0 Pie (most are still on Nougat), starting media playback in an Android app will postponement anything personification in Chrome, and vice-versa.

I’m not means to exam this, given my Dell Chromebook 14 still has Android Nougat, though it’s good that Google is adding tiny quality-of-life improvements to Android apps with each Chrome OS release.

Other features

Chrome OS 73 also includes all from a new Chrome 73 update, such as a ability to control web audio/video playback with keyboard media keys (for sites that support it), badges on commissioned Progressive Web Apps, and several confidence features. Here’s a full changelog:

The refurbish has already been pushed to several Chromebook models already, though if we don’t have it yet, give it another few days.

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