Chrome OS Linux support to benefit folder sharing, Google Drive, more

Chrome OS has been moulding adult to be a all-in-one system, mixing a best of Google’s ecosystem, including Android apps, with a energy of Linux apps. The latter is still in beta proviso with improvements and new facilities in each update. Today we take a demeanour during some of a facilities entrance shortly to Chrome OS Linux apps.

Chrome OS initial gained a Linux app support, also famous as Crostini, with version 69. While it’s positively not flawless, a support has been groundbreaking, enabling all from full print editors to Android Studio on Chrome OS. With arriving versions of Chrome OS, Google is operative to smoothen a severe edges of Crostini to make it easier to use.

Chrome OS 71 will deliver a accumulation of these changes, as remarkable by About Chromebooks. The initial is a pointed one, though useful for debugging. The Linux practical appurtenance your apps run in will be manifest in Chrome OS’s Task Manager. This now doesn’t mangle things down by app, nor does it uncover a RAM usage. All a same, this is still useful for reckoning out because your Chromebook might be using slowly.

Speaking of, a refurbish will also embody a ability to simply close down a Linux practical machine. With a elementary right-click of a Terminal app’s launcher icon, a new “Shut Down Linux (Beta)” choice appears. Previously, a best approach to close down Linux was to restart your Chromebook, that is positively a duty by comparison with a two-click procedure.

Chrome OS 71 also introduces an intensely useful underline in a form of folder sharing. This will concede Linux apps entrance to review and write files in designated Chrome OS folders, instead of usually a possess distant “Linux files.” The folders common this approach can be managed in a Linux Apps territory of Chrome OS Settings.

Chrome OS

Image: About Chromebooks

We’ve detected that this folder pity underline is removing a serve boost in Chrome OS 72 with Google Drive support. Just like Chrome OS folders, you’ll shortly be means to right-click folders in Google Drive and select to share them with your Linux apps. This will be accessible for gripping your work projects synced to and from a cloud.

9to5Google’s Take

I’m really vehement for a Google Drive support, so that we can finally keep my folder full of GIMP projects synced between all of my computers.

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