Chrome OS might shortly supplement a by-pass in a Files App to conduct Google Drive files

Google’s Chrome OS has found success in pivotal markets such as a preparation zone and as an affordable choice to Windows. It has come a prolonged approach from a days when it was fundamentally usually a front-end for Google Chrome. Now, a handling complement supports Android apps, and a touchscreen functionality has been significantly softened in new months, including support for a floating keyboard, split screen, and Android-like close shade notifications. We have seen a initial Chrome OS inscription be denounced by Acer, as good as a initial Chrome OS detachable inscription be denounced by HP.

However, there are still gaps in Chrome OS’ functionality. File government is one of a many important examples, as other desktop handling systems are clearly higher in this respect. As of now, a Files app in Chrome OS can usually do simple tasks. It has local formation with Google Drive, though many of a useful record government facilities in Drive still need to be accessed from a web interface by manually navigation to a file.

Chrome OS Files App

Chrome OS File App with Google Drive integration. Source: Google

Drive formation might be removing a bit improved in a nearby feature, however, as a new commit in a Chromium Gerrit shows that Google is formulation to supplement a ‘Manage in Drive’ choice to a Files app context menu. When a user is online, right-clicking on a record in Google Drive and selecting this new context menu object will open Google Chrome and automatically navigate to a record in Drive. This will concede we to conduct a record with all of Drive’s functionality.

Google Drive Chrome OS Manage in Drive

This dedicate has not been joined yet. When it will be, users on a developer channels will start to see it initial before it rolls out to a beta and finally fast channels. This underline isn’t sealed behind a authority line pattern or a underline dwindle and will be accessible for everybody when a suitable refurbish is available.

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