Climb Aboard a ‘Slow TV’ Train With This Glorious YouTube Channel

At this indicate we competence have review a word hygge in a New Yorker trend piece or on some hip conform blog, though if we haven’t, hygge is a Danish word that refers to a use and cultured of coziness. At home, twisted adult with a pet, thick soothing hosiery on, holding a bubbling mop of tea by a fireplace? Hygge as hell.

Who knows what runs in Scandinavian blood that creates them have such a healthy affinity for calm, since they’re also a pioneers of “slow TV,” a format that is usually unequivocally solemnly gaining traction and courtesy in other countries. Slow TV is programming that annals a single, paltry routine from commencement to end. You know a Christmastime “Yule Log” programming that’s only a immobile shot of a crackling fire? It’s like a healthy expansion of that.

The delayed TV format kicked off in 2009 with programming from a Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation—namely, filmed sight journeys that crisscross beautiful, old-fashioned Norwegian countryside, mostly blanketed in snow. Later they changed on to broadcasting other events like marathon knitting, though in my opinion, it’s sight trips that make for a many monumental delayed television. The well-spoken intonation and a gorgeous, still view immediately re-adjusts your threshold for excitement, so when a sight goes past a lovable small city or by a hovel we competence find yourself giving a small cheer.

So here’s a present to you: a “Train Driver’s View” YouTube channel, that has all a sight footage we could ever want. (Note: a channel front these locomotive journeys like livestreams, though they’re not indeed live—it’s pre-recorded footage.)

Despite a series of stories announcing “Slow TV is here,” it unequivocally has nonetheless to locate on in a States, substantially since we’re too bustling carrying a nerves honed to a husky indicate by 24-hour news. Screw that. Put on your many gentle hosiery and watch a freakin’ train.

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