Cloud torrenting use lets we save all your downloads directly to Google Drive

Whenever we hear a word torrent, we substantially associate it immediately with online robbery and for a good reason. That’s what a file-sharing record is especially used for, and there are services out there looking to urge your torrenting game.

One of them now offers approach downloads to Google Drive, that could be quite useful for those people who keep regulating your tie to bandit Game of Thrones.

Called, a torrenting use offers downloads to a cumulative cloud and says it can secure a user’s anonymity in a process. Basically, we only indicate a use to a swell record or magnet link, and Bitport will download your swell to a cloud and afterwards let we download it to your mechanism or tide it online.

The Czech-based cloud swell use announced that it now supports approach Google Drive downloads. That means we can save your information directly to your Google Drive as prolonged as you’re a Standard or Big devise Bitport user, and entrance it from there from all a inclination that have Google Drive installed. That most covers all platforms, including iPhone and Android.

Obviously, move with such services is something we should confirm for yourself. There competence be neglected consequences, so make certain we review all a excellent prints, before profitable for Bitport. Yes, we have to compensate for a use after a 30-day giveaway trial. That’s $84 per year if we compensate each 12 months.

Also, saving Bitport files to your primary Google Drive comment competence not be a good idea. But, again, that’s something for we to confirm — check out Bitport’s offer at this link.

On a other hand, we could only allow to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Amazon, or steal passwords for them, and forget about bootleg downloads.

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