Coinbase Wallet to Feature Private Key Backup on Google Drive, iCloud

Coinbase Wallet users will shortly be means to behind adult their private keys on personal cloud storage platforms Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud.

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency sell announced a news in a blog post Tuesday, observant that, in box users displace their private keys or remove devices, they can use a new underline to behind adult their 12-word liberation word to equivocate losing entrance to supports hold in a app.

With cloud storage backup, users will have to usually remember a cue to redeem their funds, Coinbase said, as a private keys would already be safely stored. For combined security, a organisation still recommends storing a passphrase manually after activating a cloud backup service.

The backup underline is encrypted with AES-256-GCM encryption and permitted usually by a Coinbase Wallet mobile app, Coinbase said. It can usually be decrypted regulating a password.

The sell serve pronounced that conjunction it nor cloud use providers would be means to entrance to users’ passwords or supports during any time, as passwords would be in a solitary possession of users.

Users wanting to use a underline will have to opt in when a Wallet app gets updated in a “next few days.” Cloud backup can be enabled during any time from a Settings menu, by selecting “Recovery Phrase” and following a prompts, according to a post.

Coinbase pronounced it’s also formulation to supplement support for other cloud platforms in a future, besides iCloud and Google Drive.

The news is removing a certain volume of pushback on amicable media, as people lift a risks of storing critical keys on a cloud.

One Twitter user said:

“This is IMO good though remember 1) Cloud storage is compromised all a time, so a cue matters 2) if we need to remember your password, where are we storing it? How secure is that location? How redundant?”

Others offering a some-more asocial take. Again on Twitter, a fun check seeking if people would save their private keys in a cloud regulating a underline had 100 percent observant “no.” The check was sealed with dual votes.

Last week, Coinbase announced bitcoin support for a Wallet app on iOS and Android.

Google Drive picture around Shutterstock; Wallet screenshot pleasantness of Coinbase 

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