CoinMarketCap Quietly Removes BCH-Promoting From Its BTC Page

Major Cryptocurrency cost tracking site CoinMarketCap (CMC) has private a website from a Bitcoin (BTC) page as of today, May 6. Though there was no central proclamation from CMC, a cost tracker private as BTC’s delegate website evidently in a arise of recent allegations that was dubious business into shopping Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin.

According to a Internet Archive Wayback Machine, still seemed on CMC as Bitcoin’s “Website 2” on May 2.


At press time, CMC refers to as a singular website listed for Bitcoin.

The crypto wallet and media use was started by crypto financier and vital BTC-turned-BCH-proponent Roger Ver. After a Bitcoin blockchain was hard-forked to emanate Bitcoin Cash in Aug 2017, launched a crypto wallet that automatically creates both BTC and BCH accounts, with Bitcoin Cash appearing initial as a default option.

By press time, still offers users BCH as default, gripping BTC as a second option, confusingly called “Bitcoin Core”, a name of BTC’s program client.


On Apr 27, a organisation of pro-BTC users combined a site to lift supports for a lawsuit alleging that was intentionally dubious users into shopping BCH instead of BTC. However, shortly after, a movement’s initiator announced that they were not means to accumulate sufficient supports to record a lawsuit, and refunded those who donated to a cause.

Earlier today, Cointelegraph reported that former Wall Street executive Michael Novogratz weighed in on a conflict between BTC and BCH for a ‘Bitcoin’ brand. In a response to a chatter from a BCH-promoting Twitter hoop @Bitcoin, Novogratz settled that BTC was in fact a loyal Bitcoin, saying, “[e]nough already. Bitcoin core is BTC. It is a store of value. It is digital gold. It’s marketplace top dwarfs bitcoin money [sic].”

Meanwhile,’s CEO continues to foster BCH as a “better currency” and “better store of value” than Bitcoin on Twitter.

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