Combined Sales Of SNES Mini And NES Mini Likely To Surpass Lifetime Wii U Sales


If we need to be reminded usually how miserable lifetime Wii U hardware sales were, Niko Partners researcher Daniel Ahmad has common a series of charts on Twitter, comparing Nintendo complement sales as of 31st Dec 2018.

Noticeably, a total sales of a SNES Mini Classic and a NES Mini Classic are approaching to transcend Wii U lifetime sales, within a space of dual years. To date, a Wii U has sole 13.56 million units. As NintendoSoup points out, total sales of a classical systems could pass a Wii U before a finish of a mercantile year, finale 31st Mar 2019.

Nintendo Lifetime Hardware Sales IMG@ZhugeEX

While it competence seem astray to mix a sales of these dual retro-powered systems, this newer hardware did not accept a same turn of selling or support as a Wii U. The Wii U had a midnight launch worldwide, ongoing support for mixed years, online capabilities and even offering a possess digital library of retro games. In contrast, a SNES and NES Classic systems were sole in limited supply, that usually increasing demand.

The success of these sentimental Nintendo products hasn’t happened overnight. System sales for these inclination over a past year have been outselling complicated hardware. As of Oct 2018, a total tellurian sales hit a 10 million mark. Now if usually Nintendo could follow this adult by releasing some-more classical integrity on a Switch. Hold adult – it usually did.

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