Community Coalition Calls for Firm Height Caps during Downtown Bethesda’s Fringe

Council to discuss tallness bonuses Jul 11

A village organisation is job on County Council members to guarantee building tallness boundary on properties around their neighborhoods.

The Coalition of Bethesda Area Residents fought to forestall a Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan from permitting soaring high-rises to go adult on properties nearby their homes. They won several battles over tallness caps during these sites, though now a organisation is operative to concrete a victories.

CBAR final week sent legislature members a minute seeking them not to assent developers in certain areas to get prerogative tallness as a prerogative for surpassing affordable housing requirements. While CBAR members concurred a need for lower-cost homes in Bethesda, they pronounced a legislature should also prioritize existent residents’ assent of mind.

“Compatible heights in a transition zones between a built-up core and singular family homes is a legitimate village concern,” a Jun 30 minute stated.

The emanate has flush as officials examination a zoning content amendment that implements many portions of a downtown plan, a long-range expansion request a legislature upheld in May.

One of a plan’s goals is to emanate some-more low-cost housing in Bethesda, and it  requires developers to make during slightest 15 percent of their residential units affordable. In many of a county, a affordable housing requirement usually stands during 12.5 percent.

Going above and over this smallest generally earns a developer additional building height. However, CBAR members are seeking a legislature to cruise choice incentives for properties that limit existent homes.

“This isn’t only something that’s entrance out of a blue that we’re squawking about,” CBAR owner Mary Flynn told Bethesda Beat Wednesday. “We’re unequivocally only perplexing to strengthen a interests of skill owners who have been prolonged established.”

County planners had suggested tying tallness bonuses to properties inside a “high opening area” mapped around Bethesda’s core. CBAR offering a possess due bounds for consideration.


Planning officials mapped out a “high opening area” in blue in downtown Bethesda (left). The picture on a right depicts the area (outlined in red) where CBAR due permitting tallness bonuses, that would be limited elsewhere. Credit: Montgomery County Planning Department and Coalition for Bethesda Area Residents.

However, a council’s Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee (PHED) final month resisted restricting tallness bonuses for affordable housing.

The matter is slated to come before a full legislature on Tuesday. Council President Roger Berliner pronounced he disagrees with a PHED infancy and skeleton to offer an amendment to place organisation tallness caps on properties during Bethesda’s fringe.

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