Comparing Apple’s HomePod contra a Fluance Fi70 speaker

While a HomePod provides room-filling sound and Siri-powered intelligent features, there are alternatives that could yield identical facilities while progressing a audio. One choice is a Fluance Fi70, a Bluetooth-enabled orator braggadocio energy and peculiarity that a HomePod simply can't match.

Ever given Apple announced a HomePod, I’ve been intrigued with a suspicion of carrying a intelligent orator that can support me around a day. One that can hoop tasks like responding questions, environment reminders, and determining intelligent inclination usually like my Amazon Echo, though with softened formation with my other Apple products, while during a same time charity softened sound peculiarity that lets we suffer your song instead of usually stuffing a silence.

Unfortunately, after some-more than 6 months with a HomePod, a device and a uneven Siri formation misses a symbol for me. The Fluance Fi70 on a other hand, while not perfect, does a softened altogether pursuit while providing some-more powerful, high fealty sound.


The Fluance Fi70’s footprint is vast compared to HomePod, and a weight disproportion is even larger during 81 pounds compared to a comparatively lightweight 5.5 pounds. While not as elementary and elegant, a Fi70 looks like an art square displayed on a enclosed stand, and with a captivating cover private shows off a twin 1-inch silk tweeters, 6.5-inch speakers, and 8-inch woofers, all powered by a 280-watt amplifier.

On a back, we have an receiver for a built-in radio, USB for charging, visual input, and a 3.5mm submit that can be used to fist out aloft peculiarity Chromecast audio sound than information eliminated around Bluetooth. The HomePod, on a other hand, facilities 7 tweeters and a 4″ subwoofer, any powered by their possess amps, and no earthy submit or Bluetooth support, usually AirPlay 2.


In terms of sound quality, HomePod kick out any one of a approach competitors, and we have to acknowledge during low volumes it does sound softened than a Fluance. Apple did an extraordinary pursuit building this speaker’s hardware and removing it to sound good with all genres of music.

The usually audio censure we have is it doesn’t get that shrill generally for vast rooms, and a low gratifying drum that we get during low volumes fast fades divided when set to a maximum. The HomePods during a tip volume out sound like a Fi70 during 60%, and during full blast a Fluance sounds some-more than twice as shrill as HomePod.

The disproportion in drum is shocking, as we can usually hear a HomePod’s drum though with a Fluance we feel it in a floor, a furniture, and even in your guts. You can literally have a full-on dance celebration with a Fi70, shake your walls, and unequivocally provoke your neighbors.

Thankfully we live during a still finish of a street.


Apple offers a resolution to assistance those who wish some-more volume and drum in a form of a second HomePod, that does assistance a lot though costs a sum of $700. What’s more, a span of HomePods still can’t contest with a Fluance, that is cheaper during $500, not including a $40 to $100 it costs to supplement on an Echo or Google Home.

Before a Fi70, we was mostly happy with a outlay of a stereo interconnected HomePods, though after months of disappointment with Siri, we couldn’t assistance though consider if a income would be softened spent on a aloft finish orator that could somehow span with my Echo. Most would determine that Siri is behind many of a competitors, and a chronicle that ships with HomePod is even some-more limited.

Even some-more frustrating is that a HomePod takes over any “Hey Siri” ask within range, and a response mostly formula in “I can’t get a ask on HomePod”. This creates carrying “Hey Siri” support on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac worthless.

The HomePod’s mic is so sensitive, as it picks adult my normal vocalization voice around dual corners and halls in my bedroom. we now manually capacitate Siri on my inclination instead of regulating my voice to equivocate triggering Siri on HomePod.

We were anticipating to see some improvements to HomePod’s program during WWDC, and even done a list of a most requested features, though unfortunately zero happened.

On tip of that, there are many some-more inclination that support Amazon’s Alexa assistant, and a few of cave aren’t concordant with HomeKit, so we need to keep my phone tighten to toggle those regulating their apps. This isn’t always possible, generally when cooking.

It was lovely experiencing a aloft turn of comprehension after switching behind to a Echo, and a more-open ecosystem allows formation with a accumulation of audio services, not usually Apple Music. The Echo also simply connects to any Bluetooth orator for audio output, like a Fluance Fi70.

The outcome is a surprisingly good multiple that I’m unequivocally happy with, though with a few limitations. The Fluance F7i will close down if it’s not used for awhile, that requires branch it on regulating a hold controls on tip or a remote, afterwards seeking Alexa to reconnect. The second distrurbance is a Echo can’t control orator volume, like it can with my aged LG Bluetooth enabled sound bar.

To get around this hurdle, we keep a Fluance during a max environment of 40 and adjust Alexa’s output, though any once in a while I’ll incidentally play something when both are maxed out, and shock my family and myself.

The final downside is no Alexa voice support for Apple Music, though it should be remarkable that HomePod has a same emanate with other services, so it unequivocally depends on what use we use to stream. I’m still regulating Apple Music with a Fluance, though joining directly to a orator regulating Bluetooth and afterwards regulating a app or Hey Siri to control a tunes.

So after about a month, I’m unequivocally happy with my somewhat untimely though good sounding, most some-more capable, and intensely shrill HomePod deputy that costs reduction money.

If you’re someone who is a infrequent listener during normal volume levels and don’t heavily rest on voice control, generally if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, a singular HomePod might still be a softened choice. For me, someone who loves shrill high-quality song and a preference of a good intelligent assistant, a choice is an easy one.

Where to buy

The Fluance Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System, that retails for $499.99, is accessible in 3 colors: Black Ash, Lucky Bamboo and Natural Walnut. Fluance Audio with Amazon has any finish in stock with giveaway shipping.

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