Comparing Results Between a Google Pixel 2 Camera and a $20000 Hasselblad

We’ve listened copiousness of comparisons between a iPhone and an industry-standard DSLR. It’s time to exam a Google Pixel 2 to see how it stands adult opposite a medium-format camera 20 times a marketplace value.

The Google Pixel 2 XL costs around $1,000, and it should be remarkable that it now binds a top altogether measure during DxOMark, a anxiety site for picture quality, with a sum of 98. In their rankings, it beats out foe from a Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8, as good as a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Heading adult a experiment, Photographer Tyler Stalman invited Jason Eng to move his Hasselblad down for a shoot. The idea was to fire a same subject, in a same location, regulating a same lighting, any with their particular cameras.

The twin compared energetic range, sharpness, and abyss of field.

Dynamic Range

Staging a lights to emanate a contrariety between a lightest and darkest points of a image resulted in a Pixel 2 losing sum in a highlights and shadows.

Hasselblad H4D

Google Pixel 2


The span resolved a Hasselblad had a corner when it came to sharpness. While both were identical when noticed in smaller sizes, a disproportion became clear when zoomed in.

Hasselblad H4D

Google Pixel 2

Depth of Field

Various phones on a marketplace can now replicate a outcome of a shoal abyss of field, and a Pixel 2 is no different with a program regulating twin pixels to grasp a effect. Stalman, however, found certain aspects fell short. The Pixel 2 unsuccessful to impersonate a bokeh outcome constructed by a DSLR or medium-format camera when it came to fixation Christmas lights behind a subject.

Hasselblad H4D

Google Pixel 2

See some-more work from a model, Ania, and Stalman on their podcastYouTubeTwitter, and Instagram.

Pixel 2 images by Tyler Stalman. Hasselblad images by Jason Eng.

[via PetaPixel and Tyler Stalman]

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