Confirmed: Essential’s beautiful teal phone goes on sale currently …

Andy Rubin, a father of a Android handling system, combined a new phone final year — a surprisingly absolute and pocketable handset with no logos to blotch a beautiful titanium and ceramic frame.

And nonetheless a Essential Phone was a bit of a call — here’s our new re-review — a association isn’t throwing in a towel only yet. On Tuesday, Essential’s Twitter criticism illuminated adult with this teaser:

What could it mean?

Update, Feb. 15: Here’s what it means:

Plus, Essential is also rolling out an Oreo 8.1 Beta. So we were right on a income about both.

Original post continues:

Before we get all vehement about an Essential Phone 2, we should substantially know that there are dual much, much less engaging things this teaser is some-more expected to be about.

Somewhat likely: Android 8.1 Oreo. 

The Essential Phone hasn’t been updated to Android Oreo yet. There is a hulk O in a core of a teaser image, that could mount for Android Oreo. On Jan. 30, Essential tweeted that a recover of Oreo would be pushed behind “a integrate weeks” so a group could recover Android 8.1 instead of 8.0. It has now been a integrate weeks.

More likely: A new aqua-colored chronicle of a Essential Phone.

The Essential Phone creatively came in black, with white, glossy dim grey and an aqua chronicle with a gold-colored edge betrothed for later. That aqua-and-gold chronicle was famous as Ocean Depths, and had a bullion ring around a fingerprint sensor too. 

aqua-ocean-depths-essential-phone-colorsEnlarge Image

Screenshot by Sean Hollister/CNET

Essential’s teaser picture has a bullion ring on an aqua background. 

Also, “a new call is coming” seems like a flattering apparent pun. And with that, my investigator work for a day is done.

According to marketplace investigate organisation IDC, a Essential Phone shipped fewer than 90,000 inclination in 2017. That’s little even compared to the 3.9 million Pixel phones that Google shipped final year, and a dump in a sea compared to a 70+ million phones that Apple and Samsung any shipped last entertain alone. 

Essential declined to comment.

Correction, Feb. 13 during 5:24p.m. PT: Google shipped 3.9 million Pixel phones final year in total, not privately a Pixel 2.

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