County Parks System Looks To Buy Bethesda Property For Capital Crescent Public Park

Planning house will examination offer to squeeze 0.4 acres for $8.5 million

County parks officials wish to buy land nearby a intersection of Bethesda and Woodmont avenues for a origination of a new county park.

County parks officials wish to buy land nearby a intersection of Bethesda and Woodmont avenues for a origination of a new county park.

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Montgomery County planners are looking to buy 0.4 acres nearby Bethesda Row for a twin purpose: to support Purple Line construction and emanate a new county park.

A offer to buy a land for $8.5 million is set to come before a Montgomery County Planning Board for a opinion on Thursday, as officials try to concrete a understanding by a year’s end, house Chairman Casey Anderson said. If a formulation house approves a squeeze and all goes well, a site could someday spin one of downtown Bethesda’s many poignant county spaces, he added.

“That was a site that was identified by members of a open during a meetings heading adult to a Bethesda devise as being a core of Bethesda, a heart of a downtown. So a ability to spin that into an actively automatic and well-maintained park is going to be, we think, a outrageous step forward,” Anderson said.

Officials pronounced a offer has been years in a making. The skill easterly of Woodmont Avenue nearby Mon Ami Gabi is identified in a Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan as a fascinating plcae for a park.

The Bethesda Purple Line Station Plan Minor Master Plan Amendment also describes a significance of providing open space in this area.

Parks officials are ironing out final sum of a squeeze agreement with Federal Realty Investment Trust, that owns a land, Anderson said. The transaction hinges on removing a County Council’s accede to daub into a Advance Land Acquisition Revolving Fund, a pool of income dedicated to appropriation skill for destiny open use.

In this case, county planners pattern a state will need a skill during a Purple Line project, approaching to hang adult by 2022.

“That’s kind of a bad news. For a duration of time … this is going to be a fenced-off construction area,” Parks Director Mike Riley said.

Once a plan is finished, a Maryland Transit Administration will keep a right to cranky a skill to entrance a light-rail tracks, though that won’t forestall a county from transforming a whole area into a park, he said.

Moreover, a county expects to replenish a poignant commission of a squeeze cost from a state in sell for vouchsafing MTA use a site. The county is still operative out a arrangement with a state, so a accurate volume hasn’t been finalized, Anderson said.

Council President Roger Berliner pronounced he’s prolonged upheld putting a open park in that mark and fought growth skeleton that would’ve consumed a dull space. The recognition of a piazza in front of Barnes Noble demonstrates a need for entertainment places in that area, he said.

“That partial of Bethesda is among a many colourful tools of Bethesda, and there is a emotional for a open commons,” Berliner said.

He pronounced he’d like to see copiousness of immature space and some seating in a destiny park.

During Purple Line construction, parks officials will accumulate village feedback to start conceptualizing a open park, Riley said. The park could pull everybody from theatergoers and shoppers on Bethesda Row to cyclists roving a Capital Crescent Trail as it emerges from a Apex building site, Riley said.

“We only wish to make it a place where people wish to stop and a place where people wish to be,” he said.

Figure display intensity facilities of a Capital Crescent Civic Green. Parks Director Mike Riley pronounced if a land is purchased, parks planners will work with village members to rise a design. Via Bethesda Downtown Plan Design Guidelines

Amanda Farber, a Bethesda proprietor who has advocated for park development, pronounced a new open park would be nice, though it’s only one square of addressing a community’s need for open space.

“It’s good that it’s going to be a park, though it’s frequency like a big, grand Central Park,” she said, adding that $8.5 million seems like a vast sum to compensate for a cut of land. “It’ll be good to have something there after all these years of nothing.”

Farber pronounced she hopes a park can during slightest yield a “splash of green” in a area and won’t spin a section piazza like a area in front of Barnes Noble.

Officials are also posterior opportunities to emanate adjacent open spaces. Anderson pronounced they’re anticipating to supplement partial of a dull land along Reed Street, presumably augmenting a distance of a park to 0.6 or 0.7 acres.

Across a street, Ourisman Honda has concluded to dilate a Capital Crescent Trail and build a piazza as partial of a intensity understanding with county officials. The Planning Board authorized a understanding in July, though it still needs a County Council’s approval.

Riley pronounced a County Council in Dec expected will take adult a endorsed land squeeze for a Capital Crescent Civic Green.

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