County Planning Department Launches Online Tool for Tracking Bethesda Development

Website offers users a demeanour during a large pattern and during sum of particular projects

Screenshot of tracking website

Screenshot of tracking website


It’s formidable to keep lane of a downtown Bethesda growth skeleton that have been pouring in.

But now, internal residents have a new apparatus to assistance them stay updated.

An online growth tracker combined by a Montgomery County Planning Department has left live with information about projects opposite a downtown area and their accumulative impact. The formulation staff worked together with a Implementation Advisory Committee, a 14-member organisation of residents and skill owners, to pattern a apparatus for clarity and easy use by a public, settled a Monday press release.

In further to mapping out several projects, a apparatus also allows users to figure out how most remaining growth can occur in downtown Bethesda. The Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan authorized final year by a County Council capped altogether growth during 32.4 million block feet. Downtown Bethesda currently has about 23.3 million block feet of development, and there’s another 3.9 million block feet of authorized though unbuilt development, according to a site. That leaves about 5.1 million block feet accessible to skill owners in a downtown area.

As partial of a zone plan, staff contingency also prepared an annual news with updates on Bethesda’s transformation. The site states that a initial news will be prepared in May. 

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