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Google Pixel 2 deal

Thanks to a complicated cultured and set of problems, a Pixel 2 XL perceived a bulk of courtesy relations to a smaller Pixel 2. Either phone is only as absolute and able as a other, however, and we can squeeze a oft-forgotten Pixel 2 for during slightest $500 from Woot.

The phone is accessible with 64GB of storage in Kinda Blue, Just Black, and Clearly White. Only a Just Black choice is also accessible in a 128GB configuration, that Woot sells for $550.

By comparison, Google sells a 64GB and 128GB Pixel 2 for $649 and $749, respectively.

Keep in mind that a Pixel 2 sole by Woot is refurbished, so we will not get Google’s two-year warranty. Instead, a phone comes with Woot’s 90-day warranty, with an choice to spend $90 on SquareTrade’s one-year insurance plan.

Also, Woot’s refurbished Pixel 2 is a Verizon variant. It will work on GSM networks, such as ATT and T-Mobile, by support for Sprint is questionable. Just remember that we can't clear a Verizon variant’s bootloader, so tradition ROMs are a no-go.

Finally, we can skip a flat-rate shipping price of $5 if we are an Amazon Prime member.

Google in 2018: Trying to do everything

As a discerning recap, a Pixel 2 facilities a 5-inch 1080p display, stereo front speakers, 12.2MP primary camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 2,700mAh battery, and IP67 acceptance for H2O and dirt resistance.

The miss of a headphone jack hurts, though during slightest a phone comes with a USB-Type-C-to-headphone-jack adapter. Also, a Pixel 2 is slated to get confidence rags and vital Android updates by 2020.

You can obstacle a understanding during a couple below.


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