December confidence refurbish brings fixes for memory, camera, and some-more to a Google Pixel smartphones – XDA

At a commencement of each month, Google releases new Android confidence rags for their inclination and outlines updates for a ecosystem as a whole. These updates are customarily not terribly sparkling with a few important fixes here and there. This month, however, includes flattering large updates for a Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel, and Pixel 2 XL. Google is finally addressing a assertive RAM management, among other things.

The Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin this month includes a whopping 13 organic patches, many of that are for Pixel 3 devices. You’ll notice a thesis around a rags is “improved” and “adjusted.”

The initial patch on a list is something Pixel owners have been angry about for a while. Google stranded with 4GB of RAM on a Pixel 3 and a aggressive RAM government army apps to tighten prematurely. This can be irritating when switching between apps frequently. They also “improved” a opening of a camera, that is another thing that was a common complaint.

Pixel 3 XDA Forum Pixel 3 XL XDA Forum

The OTA files and bureau images for a Pixel and Nexus inclination can be found during a links below. Find a Android confidence files for your device and click “Link” to start a download. To peep a refurbish manually but losing all of your data, follow the steps summarized in this tutorial.

Factory Images OTA Files

Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin Android Security Bulletin

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