Developers found a approach to get unlimited, uncompressed storage on Google Photos but a Pixel

Developers have found a approach to bandit cloud storage from Google Photos. Google offers unlimited storage of full-resolution photos and videos for a Pixel users, and now, some developers have found a approach to mishandle that Pixel device requirement to obtain abundant Google Photos storage on any Android device using Nougat or higher.

The workaround isn’t simple. Users will have to base their device, download a record that’s already found on Pixel phones, bucket that record onto their device, and in some cases, go even serve with additional, some-more difficult adjustments. You can perspective a full penetrate here on XDA Developers. A developer initially created a workaround to obtain disdainful Pixel wallpapers and seemed to perspective total Google Photos storage as an combined bonus.

We haven’t tested a stairs above, and XDA says that some developers have found that it still formula in uploaded photos and videos counting opposite their Google Drive storage. Others contend it works for them. XDA Developer didn’t determine a claim, nonetheless it pronounced it would refurbish a post when and if it does.

Still, we wouldn’t design a penetrate to exist for most longer. It seems like something Google could simply patch on a end, and during this point, a association contingency know a workaround exists. We’ve reached out to Google for comment.

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