Did a Apple HomePod refurbish moderate that wall-shaking bass?

Apple’s HomePod orator perceived a initial refurbish progressing this week and, on initial glance, it seemed zero had changed.

The AirPlay 2 underline was positively celebrated by a absence and early testers struggled to mark a difference.

Indeed, a recover records for a whopping 2.36GB refurbish forked usually to “general improvements for fortitude and quality.”

Now it appears Apple might have done a rather poignant change; an alteration to a preconfigured equalisation settings. That’s led to churned reviews from early adopters posting on Reddit (via AppleInsider).

It seems Apple has dialled behind a drum rather during song playback, while mid-range sound is some-more prominent. Some users aren’t pleased, observant it sounds dull, while others seem to consider drum is some-more nuanced as a outcome of a update.

For example, Ptbnat wrote: “The drum has reduced considerably. Sounds flat. It used to be awesome.”

Norman Knight responded: “The drum seems some-more pointed and nuanced.”

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Meanwhile, WhatsUpBras wrote: There is no doubt about it, a drum has been reduced, and BIG TIME. AirPlaying from Spotify during half volume on my Macbook Air used to shake a walls, now it’s not even close. Same playlist we was personification final night though a update. Personally we consider it sounds MUCH better, though to any his own.”

Time for primer EQ settings?

Seeing as Apple doesn’t concede HomePod users to manually balance a EQ to their possess preferences, any changes to a sound are expected to be fast beheld by a user base.

The association sole a intelligent orator on a drift of it being distant higher to a counterparts in terms of audio quality.

Should a knowledge unexpected be opposite for those who recently purchased a speaker, formed on an in-store test, it could infer problematic.

The discuss among users is expected to meant things haven’t altered all that most for a worse, though certainly it’s time Apple rolled out primer EQ controls for a £319 HomePod?

Have we beheld a changes to your HomePod’s bass? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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