DirecTV Now wins, YouTube TV loses in channel conflict – The San Diego Union

Would-be cord-cutters weighing their options mostly ask me: Which digital gold should we get instead of cable?

The answer, of course, depends on your channel preferences. Right now, I’m really digging YouTube TV, Google’s $35-per-month streaming TV package. Beyond carrying all 4 vital promote networks, that is good for live sports and awards shows, YouTube TV is indeed fun to use. It’s as if one of a smartest Internet companies in a universe motionless to rethink a whole TV knowledge for a digital age, modernizing all from hunt and guides to recommendations.

Oh wait, that’s accurately what happened.

But before you, too, make a jump to YouTube TV, we should know this: The immeasurable infancy of consumers won’t like it — during slightest formed on reputed channel demands.

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