Don’t peep your Essential Phone with a giveaway cable, buy a improved one instead

We hatred to contend this though there seems to be no finish for Essential Phone issues. We know a Essential group has been operative tough to safeguard problems are fixed. It’s proudly a initial to hurl out fixes for Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities while a Android Oreo Beta 2 build is now available. It’s been focusing on fixes and destiny facilities including that reduced application and mural mode refurbish on a Essential Camera. The reward phone is believed to be one absolute phone given it’s a plan by Andy Rubin though unfortunately, it’s unwell in sales and performance.

Well, there is still hope. We’re gripping a hopes adult given a Essential group is unequivocally operative tough to safeguard queries are answered and bugs are fixed. The latest emanate we listened had something to a with sideloading or flashing with USB 2.0 cable. Apparently, some users are experiencing problems. Essential reminded a phone owners a PH-1 wire is USB 2.0 in box this information has been forgotten. It is used for charging so it should work perfectly.

Essential endorsed that a high-quality and spec-compliant USB 3.0 wire contingency be used all a time if we are flashing or sideloading PH-1. This way, we won’t knowledge any problem. That’s a accessible sign though a owners are left wondering because a USB 3.0 wasn’t enclosed then. Only a USB 2.0 wire comes giveaway with a Essential Phone so because such reminder?

A series of Essential Phone owners seem to be angry with a clarification. We know we are. Let’s wait and see for Essential to explain this craziness.

SOURCE: Essential

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