Electronics Deals – Jan 10, 2019: Galaxy Note9, Pixel 2 XL & More

Today, Amazon has a few flattering good deals on some comparison smartphones, so if you’ve been looking to get your hands on a new smartphone though profitable a ton of money for one, afterwards now is a time to do so. Samsung’s latest flagship, a Galaxy Note9 is now accessible for only $869. That is a unequivocally good cost for a code new chronicle of a Galaxy Note9, deliberation it retails for $999 and hasn’t unequivocally forsaken next $900 given a Aug launch – with a difference of Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Now if you’re looking for a somewhat cheaper Samsung smartphone, a Galaxy S8 is also available. This one is labelled during $489, that is also a good price, about $100 off. And it’s still one of a best smartphones on a market. Now if we are looking for something like a Pixel 2, good we can squeeze a refurbished Pixel 2 for $344 or a refurbished Pixel 2 XL for only $30 more. Some unequivocally good options here for those that are looking to get a new phone though emptying their wallet.

These deals are all accessible until midnight PST on a death date specified below. These prices are also as present as possible, though beware that prices will vacillate via a day. For a latest deals from Amazon, we can check out their Deals page here.

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