End of a Galaxy S8? Early A8 reviews uncover because Samsung’s bill phone could be a outrageous hit

John McCann, from TechRadar, said: “The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a plain smartphone. While it doesn’t mangle any new belligerent in terms of technology, it has a plain underline set and a reward demeanour that might good lure those looking for a high-end handset though can’t widen to a cost tab of a Galaxy S8.”

Tom Morgan, during Stuff, said: “The A8 is scarcely all we desired about a Galaxy A8, only incited down a nick or two. It’s moulding adult to be a illusory phone, with 9 tenths of a opening and pattern of that unusual flagship.

“Hopefully Samsung gets a cost right when it goes on sale in a UK in a subsequent integrate of months.”

Max Parker, during Trusted Reviews, said: “The A8 will be a leader for those looking for an affordable phone on a contract. It looks great, has a atmosphere of a flagship phone, and doesn’t unequivocally skimp in any apparent area.”

So, things demeanour flattering good for a A8 and if you’re meditative of upgrading your stream Galaxy device it’s really value watchful for this device to launch in April.

Hopefully Samsung will exhibit pricing shortly and we’ll refurbish this essay as shortly as it’s announced.

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