Essential Audio Adapter HD nearby prepared for release

At Essential, on that Bloomberg reports is looking for a buyer, it’s still business as common for now. There’s no Essential Phone supplement entrance (for now), yet there are equipment still in a pipeline, like a intelligent home hub.

Another unreleased product is a Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD — a procedure that connects to a dual captivating pins on a behind of a device and adds a 3.5mm headphone jack submit to a device. People have been watchful on this adapter given a recover of a phone final year.

Well, a Essential group took to Reddit during a monthly Ask Me Anything event and responded to concerns. Marcus Weber, lead module program manager, wrote:

We can endorse that Audio Adapter HD is scarcely prepared for release. We’re in a final stages of acceptance with a FCC (we’ve been told this routine takes approximately 6 weeks) and will share some-more information on recover dates and pricing soon. The group has been operative tough and we’re vehement to broach one of a best mobile audio practice available. In a meantime, here’s a print of me using Audio Adapter HD to listen to a Master Quality playlist we curated on TIDAL(check it out here). – Marcus

The association has also announced that a notch UI settings, that left in a late Android 8.1 upkeep update, will be entrance behind in Oct — they had to be rejiggered to use Android Pie’s possess toolkits.

Unfortunately, one emanate that won’t ever be entirely resolved is a rather gummy scrolling. Users can try to play around with hold attraction with a developer environment toggle, though.

The association has also betrothed to broach Android Q — expected during a same gait it was means to move Android 9, the same day as a Google Pixel phones. The group touts a priority on operative in rags and UI via a developer preview routine as good as a final detonate when final formula is forsaken a few weeks before launch.

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