Essential Continues to Show Other OEMs How Updates are Supposed to…

Should we caring about timely updates, there are usually a integrate of Android makers we should be shopping from. Technically, there’s usually one, since one of a companies doesn’t make phones currently, though we’ve already discussed that during length. Anyway, we’re articulate about Google and Essential.

Like clockwork, as shortly as Google publishes a monthly confidence patches, Essential is right behind them with a same patch for a Essential Phone. It’s a pleasing thing, generally when we consider about how prolonged some Android phone owners have to wait in sequence to see updates, infrequently even a smaller monthly patches.

Again for a month of February, Essential has expelled a patch moments after Google did a same. We know that Essential doesn’t have a ton of work to do with a intensely light Android build, distinct other skins from Samsung and LG, though damn.

Essential Phone owners, go squeeze your Feb patch.

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