Essential continues to refurbish the camera with new mural mode and …

Essential has rolled out nonetheless another refurbish to a camera app that adds new facilities and promises to assistance assuage some of a print issues seen with a Essential Phone. Notably, the update brings a new background-blurring mural mode like those found on a Pixel 2 and iPhone X, among others. It also fixes some fortitude issues while improving picture peculiarity by shortening JPEG application and adding bearing remuneration to some-more camera modes.

The camera is seen as a Essential Phone’s weakest underline and a Achilles Heel of a bezel-less device. The association had formerly rolled out app and firmware updates to residence a camera’s shortcomings. We gave a phone an 8 out of 10 in our review while observant a unsatisfactory camera opening on a device positioned during a “premium” finish of a smartphone spectrum. The Essential Phone’s cost was cut to $499 in October, $200 reduction than a strange price, and that series forsaken even reduce to $399 for Cyber Monday.

Continued updates are a good sign, though fire-sale pricing and a sudden leave of Essential owner and CEO Andy Rubin have to make we doubt a viability of a fledgling company.

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