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Video: Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone: modular, tough, and no logo.

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The Essential Phone, see a full review, was one of my favorites from 2017 and there is conjecture we may not see chronicle 2. It is probable Essential is focused on creation a initial indication some-more appealing by focusin on accessories and practice for a tide device.

When Google released Android P to developers, a Essential Phone was one of 12 inclination that users can use to download, install, and exam a beta versions. Essential has been one of a fastest, after Google, during providing updates for a device over a past year so is still actively ancillary a phone with Android 8.1 accessible to all customers.

Yesterday, MQA announced a partnership with Essential to broach MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) studio peculiarity sound to a Essential Phone. With a Essential Phone, business can tide thousands of MQA titles around TIDAL. Existing and new Essential Phone owners are being offering a three-month giveaway hearing of TIDAL HiFi to exam out this song experience.

When a Essential Phone launched, there was one one Click bond accessory, a 360 camera, with promises of some-more to come. With this MQA partnership announcement, we also schooled that a Audio Adapter HD will be entrance after this summer.

The Audio Adapter HD facilities a high fortitude ESS Sabre DAC with hardware MQA rendering. It is a tiny adapter that snaps onto a behind pins and yield a customary 3.5mm headset jack to a Essential Phone. Like a phone itself, this adapter is built out of titanium.

We will be contrast out MQA by TIDAL and a Audio Adapter HD in a nearby destiny so stay tuned for these articles.

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