Essential Phone 2 might arrive with an under-display selfie camera

We don’t consider there will ever be a second-gen Essential Phone. Essential as a association isn’t passed nonetheless though it needs to put a series of things in order. We already pronounced a Essential Phone will be no some-more though a “next mobile product” might be in a works. It’s been roughly dual years given a strange Essential Phone was launched. We rarely expected for it given it is Andy Rubin’s new baby though usually to be disappointed. It’s not accurately bad though it might be prolonged before a follow-up will be introduced.

Two opposite ideas are going around right now: there will still be a new Essential Phone or there won’t be any. We’d like to give a Essential group a possibility by entrance adult with a noted product.

A new obvious was published, containing a camera underneath a display. By that we meant a genuine camera placed underneath a display. There might not even be a camera hole so after a under-display fingerprint sensor, afterwards we’ll substantially see (or not see) an under-display camera.

At this point, we only wish to know if there will still be an Essential Phone 2. The specs will be famous later. We only wish to endorse if we’ll give Essential another chance.

Looking during a obvious illustration, there is still a turn fingerprint sensor on a rear. There is no pointer of a pop-up camera either. The picture already reached a World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) so we know there is some law to this.

VIA: LetsGoDigital

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