Essential Phone 2 competence have a camera in a display, if it ever happens

We still don’t know for certain if there will indeed be an Essential Phone 2, though that’s not going to delayed down any rumors.

One of a initial vital rumors about Essential’s follow-up phone has to do with a front-facing camera, that is a adhering indicate in a mobile attention right now. Do we cut a shade to fit a camera in somewhere, or do we use a shifting resource to censor a camera in a phone itself? Both of those options have some flattering vital drawbacks, so what about a third option?

An comparison obvious filed by Essential seems to spirit during a front camera being placed inside a shade itself, expelling a need for any nick or adding another intensity indicate of disaster with a shifting mechanism. You could have a phone with a shade holding adult a whole face of a device, though still conduct to fist a camera in though losing any genuine estate.

Assuming we could conduct to use a good peculiarity camera in this scenario, you’d have a ideal resolution to everyone’s biggest dispute about 2018 smartphones.

The biggest problem is that this kind of arrangement record is flattering advanced, even for slicing corner smartphone manufacturers. Essential’s already not in a good place, and we’ve listened a back-and-forth about either a Essential Phone 2 will even happen, so there’s a lot adult in a atmosphere about this obvious ever branch into anything real.

Cross we fingers, nick haters; only don’t reason your breath.

via: The Next Web

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