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Essential, Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone venture, is operative on a follow-up to a Essential Phone (PH-1).

The startup’s initial phone had a severe go of it final year, offered fewer than 90,000 units in a initial 6 months on a market, according to attention investigate organisation IDC. It’s sill a prolonged approach from apropos a success, though it has some of a best imagination in a business, including with Rubin during a helm, so it should be means to pull by and presumably have a bigger strike with a Essential Phone’s successor.

Designers during Essential have already reliable that a Essential Phone 2 (PH-2) is in a works. Here’s what we need to know.

There was a lot of difficulty surrounding a name of the initial Essential Phone, as Essential has teased it with a name “Essential Phone”, though it after gave a handset a full name of “Essential Phone PH-1” to presumably assistance compute it from next-generation models to come.

In a Reddit AMA during a finish of 2017, a designers of a initial Essential Phone, Linda Jiang and William Leggett, reliable that they were already operative on a follow-up phone and that it’s now called PH-2: “We are really plugging divided during PH-2. No time to waste,” they wrote.

A comparison researcher during IDC also claimed a new Essential Phone is on a works. In a chatter from MWC 2018, he pronounced a information was reliable to him by Markus Weber, Essential’s lead module module manager, during a review about what’s entrance subsequent for a company.

Unfortunately, really tiny is famous about this arriving device. In a Reddit AMA during a finish of 2017, a designers of a initial Essential Phone reliable they are operative on improving a “display/glass continuance as most as possible” in next-generation phone.

At MWC 2018, a Vivo Apex, a judgment phone, popped adult with tiny bezels, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a popup front-facing camera. Shortly after, Rubin tweeted out a patent for this same camera setup. It was postulated to Essential in May 2016. It also described another implementation, in that a camera is mounted on a top-left dilemma of a shade and acts as a permanent camera icon.

Keep in mind a filed obvious doesn’t meant that a association will indeed use it. However, given Rubin motionless to uncover off this obvious on his own, it creates us consternation either a PH-2 will embankment a initial Essential Phone’s nick in foster of a pop-up-style camera.

Benjamin Geskin is a leaker who has flush some spot-on leaks in a past about Apple’s devices. However, some-more recently, he tweeted a judgment picture for a Essential Phone 2 (PH-2), with a caption: “18:9 QHD+ OLED Display”. It’s misleading if this judgment is only Geskin speculating about a arriving phone’s pattern and facilities or either he knows what Essential is cooking up. Either way, it’s interesting.

After months of teasing by Essential, a initial Essential Phone debuted in May 2017 and was ostensible to recover a subsequent month in a US, though it missed that target. The Essential Phone was afterwards reliable to start shipping in August, according to an email sent by Rubin to customers. Judging by this timetable, we can design a PH-2 to be teased in March, presumably denounced in May, and expelled by this summer.

However, Essential hasn’t reliable any of that – and given a association has a story of launch delays (not only with a phones though also with a modular accessories), we’re not certain a Essential Phone 2 (PH-2) will recover this summer or even someday this year.

So, Essential has reliable it is operative on a PH-2, but, oddly, it still hasn’t even expelled a initial one in a UK. Essential was pronounced to be in talks with several UK carriers, including EE, to finalise a launch date for a device. Those skeleton seemed to have depressed by a wayside. It’s therefore misleading what’s function there, though given a initial phone is accessible in a US, we can assume a PH-2 will be too.

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