Essential Phone adds ‘zoom-to-fill’ mode on YouTube app

With a superiority of aberrant arrangement aspect ratios lately, Google’s YouTube app has done a indicate of adding a “zoom to fill” mode to name phones. Now, that functionality has extended to a Essential Phone.

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As initial speckled by some Android Police readers and serve reliable by many Essential users on Reddit, YouTube now supports a wizz to fill mode on a PH-1. If you’ll recall, this underline allows a app to take adult a full space of a arrangement instead of regulating black bars to fill in a space not used by a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. It creatively debuted on a Pixel 2 XL, though has given extended to a lot some-more devices.

This functionality is live in version 13.34.50 of a YouTube app for Android, though it’s not live for everybody only yet. Some users have reported that clearing data/cache on a app triggers a functionality, though an uninstall/update might be indispensable as well. Regardless, we’re really blissful to see this functionality return.

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