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One of a biggest things I’ve been looking during with Android smartphones, generally in a past several months, is confidence updates. When OEMs are open about not even perplexing to broach these on a monthly basis, I’ll totally write-off those devices. However, there are some resplendent exceptions is this sea of late updates…

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Earlier today, Google suggested this month’s confidence bulletin, as good as pulling out OTA updates and bureau images for a Pixel and Nexus devices. Obviously, those are a inclination to buy for updates, though Essential is creation it transparent they are staying on a draining edge, pulling out that same refurbish only a integrate hours later.

Announced on Twitter, a Essential Phone is now picking adult an OTA that carries May’s monthly confidence patch on tip of Android 8.1. There aren’t any new facilities in a update, and a association doesn’t note any bug fixes either, though it’s good to see confidence rags nearing in such a timely fashion.

If you’re regulating an Essential Phone, a refurbish should strike your device within a subsequent integrate of hours if it hasn’t already, and we can span that with a camera refurbish that arrived during a finish of final week as well.

Along with Essential, Sony is also already kicking off a rollout of May’s confidence patch to a handful of a devices. As remarkable by Xperia Blog, a Sony Xperia XZ, XZs, and X Performance are already picking adult this refurbish over OTA as several users report. That’s illusory to see, nonetheless a association still has utterly a few some-more to get through.

Xperia-XZ-Dual_41.3.A.2.128_1-315x560 Xperia-XZ-Dual_41.3.A.2.128_2-315x560

9to5Google’s Take

Monthly confidence rags are, during slightest in my eyes, apropos a new customary for how we should decider a Android smartphones. For a many part, OEMs are descending massively behind here, infrequently holding months to broach an refurbish that’s already been transposed with a newer version. There’s no forgive for this anymore, these monthly updates have been going on for years during this point.

This month is only another instance that Essential and Sony caring about updates, and they’re discerning to get them going. (And I’m certain Nokia is only a day or dual away.)

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