Essential Phone understanding gets we a gold of accessories for usually $400

We’ve run a lot of Essential Phone deals on Android Authority. While zero will substantially ever be as good as a Amazon Prime Day deal where we could get a phone for a measly $250, there are expected to be lots some-more deals entrance a approach given a association isn’t station on a best legs right now.

Essential Phone review: Maximum hardware, smallest software

While today’s understanding isn’t a $250 blowout, it’s an intensely reasonable cost for what we get. This time you’re not usually removing a smartphone — you’re removing some cold accessories as well, all for a cost of usually a phone itself.

The Essential Phone Summer Bundle is function now for a brief time, per Essential’s chatter on a matter:

The understanding is function at Essential’s website. You get a following equipment with a gold for a low cost of usually $400:

  • Essential Phone in possibly Black Moon or Pure White
  • 360 Camera for Essential Phone that snaps on to emanate 360-degree images
  • Protective box for a 360 Camera
  • Earphones HD that are earbuds with a USB Type-C connector

If we unequivocally wish a phone in Stellar Gray, we can select it for this bundle, too. However, it will supplement $100 to a sum price.

The Essential Phone usually on a possess is going for $400 on right now, so this understanding is like shopping a phone though removing all a accessories for free. That’s zero to sneer at!

Get a Essential Phone Summer Bundle understanding by clicking here or a symbol below.


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