Essential Phone Feb confidence patch already rolling out

Hot on a heels of Google pulling a latest refurbish to a Pixel devices, Essential shows it still means business and has released a February security patch for a Essential Phone PH-1.

The refurbish brings a device to build PQ1A.190105.014 and includes a common gold of non-Pixel specific confidence fixes as listed in a February Android Security Bulletin. Along with a confidence patches, Essential has enclosed a possess repair for a modem confidence bug as good as undisclosed opening and bug fixes specific to a PH-1.

Despite a PH-1 being discontinued, a association isn’t descending behind with confidence patches. Essential still manages to kick a likes of Samsung in delivering timely updates, and that doesn’t demeanour like it will change anytime soon.

Go forward and strike that refurbish symbol and lay behind and relax with a self-satisfied smile meaningful you’re that most some-more stable than a infancy of other Android users out there.

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