Essential Phone finally gets support for YouTube zoom-to-fill

Now that roughly each vital smartphone has a arrangement with a ratio around 18:9, unchanging aged 16:9 videos aren’t looking too prohibited with their black bars. To fight this, YouTube combined a useful zoom-to-fill feature to a Android app, yet that functionality usually works on select, some-more mainstream devices. The Essential Phone is finally removing support for it, months after both a and a feature’s release.

In box you’re not informed with a underline by chance, zoom-to-fill fundamentally crops a bit off a tops and bottoms of 16:9 videos to discharge black bars on phones with taller aspect ratios. A visit tipster, Shane, let us know about this, and it was reliable by mixed people to be new on this r/Essential thread in YouTube v13.34.50 (available around APK Mirror). It didn’t work for everybody immediately, yet many people saw a functionality seem after uninstalling and updating YouTube. Clearing cache might be indispensable as well.

So if you’ve got an Essential Phone, suffer finally being partial of a rather chosen YouTube zoom-to-fill club. You will have to understanding with that nick eating into a video, though.

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  • Shane Milton

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