Essential Phone gets Bluetooth 5.0 and MQA support, Oreo (on Telus)

Tada! Good news for Essential Phone users. Not one, though we have 3 of them.

Telus units get Oreo

The Canadian network provider Telus is reportedly rolling out Android Oreo on a Essential Phone (PH-1). The acknowledgment came from a redditor who perceived a refurbish after final week on their Essential unit, and was similarly reliable by others as well.

Telus people: Oreo is out. from essential

Essential Phone is now MQA compatible

As some of we might already know, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an audio record for high-resolution audio streaming. The following video sum what MQA does:

Going by reports, a functionality has been recently combined to a Essential Phone (as can be seen in a following user-shared screenshot).


While there’s no central word on this from a association yet, during slightest users with aptX-compatible headphones have reliable a attainment on Essential PH-1.

Essential Phone sensitively gets Tidal MQA Streaming Capability? from essential

Bluetooth 5.0 certification

Another certain news suggested by Essential’s central Twitter comment is that a phone has perceived Bluetooth 5.0 certification, definition a device now facilities softened Bluetooth connectivity. This encouragement is accessible as partial of Essential’s Android 8.1 build.

How are a newly combined facilities and a Oreo refurbish treating you? Do let us know in a comments territory below.

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