Essential Phone gets held on video in public

The Essential Phone is due to start shipping out to business soon, though we don’t have an accurate date only yet. Despite a phone technically not being available, someone got their hands on one and managed to incidentally get prisoner in open regulating it.

The user was held on Snapchat, so we’re unequivocally only looking during a brief 10 second shave of a Essential Phone, not anything in-depth. The user is carrying a review in WhatsApp, and he gets a presentation that drops in only like they do in Android Nougat.

The tip of a device that houses a shade that bends around a camera also sticks out, during slightest on a white model. Instead of a camera consistent into a black background, there’s a sheer white outline around a lens that wasn’t totally apparent in a press images.

I can see how that could be a distracting underline on a phone with such an immersive screen, though some people competence go for it.

Maybe this means Essential’s authorised squabble with Spigen won’t keep a device from a well-spoken launch.

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